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Women's Cotton Dolphin Shorts

Women's Cotton Dolphin Shorts - Latest Styles at GymDeity

Discover Comfort and Style with Women's Cotton Dolphin Shorts

Elevate your style with our women's cotton dolphin shorts – a perfect blend of comfort and vintage flair. Made of soft cotton fabric, these shorts feature a solid body with contrasting binding, exuding a timeless charm.

Women's Dolphin Shorts


Unleash confidence and playfulness with Soffe Dolphin Shorts. Snug fit sizes available; size up for a looser feel. Enjoy the low-rise design, optional roll-down elastic waistband, and stylish white trim. The 3.5" inseam provides coverage without sacrificing style.


  • Sizes are for a snug fit; size up for a looser fit


  • Low-rise
  • Optional roll down elastic waistband
  • Contrasting white trim along side seams for stylish detail
  • 3.5" inseam


  • 4.72 oz. 95% Cotton 5% Polyester


  • Soffe Womens Dolphin Short aka She's A Flirt Dolphin Shorts


  • 15 Different Colorways To Choose From


  • $5.95 Plus Free Shipping!
Dolphin Shorts

Soffe Dolphin Shorts

Dolphin shorts are short athletic shorts designed to keep your body cool during the summer season. Rumor has it that dolphin shorts can make you look cute and playful without much effort. A crowd-favorite from the 80s, dolphin shorts are celebrated for their unique outseam slit that accents the curves incredibly well.

Women's Dolphin Shorts

Dolphin Shorts for Women

Dolphin shorts are a timeless style that are perfect for complimenting other sporty items in your closet like hoodies and sneakers.

Athletic Dolphin Shorts


What are dolphin shorts? Dolphin shorts are a style of unisex shorts designed to be worn for athletics. Featuring contrast trim and stripes at the sides, and a dolphin hem.

Dolphin Shorts with Pockets

Dolphin Shorts with Pockets

A pair of dolphin shorts featuring contrast trim and stripes at the sides with side pockets and a dolphin hem.

Dolphin Shorts with Drawstrings

Dolphin Shorts with Drawstrings

Create a sporty, athleisure look with this pair of dolphin shorts featuring a drawstring waist and a dolphin hem.

Shop the latest womens dolphin shorts styles at GymDeity

Discover comfort and style with women's cotton dolphin shorts at GymDeity. Choose from 15 colorways. Low-rise, optional roll-down waistband. Only $5.95!

Shop the latest womens dolphin short styles at GymDeity

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