Quick BOOTY Burn At-Home Workout

Quick BOOTY Burn At-Home Workout

How to Get Bigger Buttocks: Best 4 Bum Exercise At-Home

Quick BOOTY Burn - At-Home Workout (20 mins)

Get ready for an amazing 20-minute butt workout designed just for you by fitness pro Emily Skye. With a massive following of 1.7 million on Instagram and 9.5 million on Facebook, she's got a whole army of people squatting and crunching with her. And guess what? She's here to answer the most popular question she gets: How do I build a stronger, fitter butt? So get ready to sweat and shape up those glutes!

According to Skye, the key is to "keep it simple." But don't mistake simple for easy. It means choosing exercises that you can do with great form. Skye often sees people at the gym doing overly complicated moves incorrectly, thinking they're working their legs and butt, but their butt is often the last thing being trained.

Skye's butt-burning routine consists of just four moves. Her top tip for maximizing your butt-strengthening potential is to fully engage your glutes, the working muscle. Skye emphasizes the importance of squeezing the muscle throughout each repetition, ensuring you get the most out of the exercise and make the most of your time.

The 20-minute Butt Workout Routine:

  1. Bodyweight Squat:

    • Do as many as you can in 50 seconds.
    • Rest for 10 seconds.
  2. Dumbbell Deadlift:

    • Do as many as you can in 50 seconds.
    • Rest for 10 seconds.
  3. Reverse Lunge:

    • Do as many as you can in 50 seconds (alternating legs with each rep).
    • Rest for 10 seconds.
  4. Hip Bridge:

    • Do as many as you can in 50 seconds.
    • Rest for 1 minute.

Repeat this circuit a total of 4 times.

Learn The Moves To Build A Big Butt: Only 4 Exercises Needed.

1. Bodyweight Squat


How to build bigger bum 4 exercises you need .
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed forward.
  • Keep your core tight.
  • Hinge at your hips and lower your butt to the ground.
  • Push through your heels to straighten your legs.

Skye's Tip: Make sure you squeeze your butt at the top of the exercise.

2. Dumbbell Deadlift

How to build bigger bum 4 exercises you need .
  • Stand tall with your feet about hip-width apart.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand in front of your body with palms facing your thighs. Start with a medium-resistance weight (10 to 12 pounds), and go heavier when you can.
  • Keep a slight bend in the knees and push your hips back to lower weights down the front of your legs. Keep the weights close to your shins as they lower.
  • Slowly reverse the movement to stand.
Skye's Tip: When performing the dumbbell deadlift, make sure you select a weight that is challenging.

3. Reverse Lunge

How to build bigger bum 4 exercises you need .


  • Start in a standing position with your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Step backwards with your left foot, landing on the ball of your left foot and keeping your heel off the ground.
  • Bend your knees, creating two 90-degree angles with your legs. Aim to have your back knee hovering about three to six inches off the ground.
  • Return to standing and repeat with your opposite leg.

Skye's Tip: Push through the heel of your front foot to return to standing.

4. Hip Bridge

How to build bigger bum 4 exercises you need .


  • Start by lying flat on your back, with your knees bent and your feet about hip-distance apart. Position your heels a few inches away from your butt.
  • Lift your hips up, focusing on engaging your glutes, and then lower them back to the ground.

Skye's Tip: This is one of my absolute favorite butt exercises. Make sure with this particular move you are really squeezing your glutes at the top of the repetition. And keep your core tight throughout.

Quick BOOTY Burn - At-Home Butt Workout

Discover effective strategies and exercises to get a bigger, firmer butt fast right at home. Achieving your desired buttocks size is possible with the right approach. Incorporate these exercises and strategies into your routine for optimal results. Say goodbye to a flat bum and hello to a curvier, more sculpted backside.

How to build bigger bum 4 exercises you need .
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