The 10 Best Butt-Lifting Leggings For Every Budget

Top 10 Butt Sculpting Leggings For Every Budget

Our top picks for the best butt-sculpting leggings

For Every Budget.

Lifting and shaping your booty takes a lot of time and effort. Whether you’re a fan of squats, lunges, spin class, or classic cardio, there are many ways you can create an hourglass shape. However, wearing the right fit of clothing is an excellent alternative to showcase your stunning curves. These pants feature a ruched seam down the center, which gives the illusion of a tight and round behind. The popularity of this activewear hasn’t slowed down in recent years, and it’s easy to see why – they’re flattering, comfortable, and stylish. Here’s why scrunch bum leggings are still going viral and how to find the best pair for you.

1. Honeycomb Scrunch Leggings 

Work out for hours and feel incredibly comfortable with these scrunch bum leggings. These workout pants are squat-proof, stretchy, and are the perfect companion for a gym session. Even if you prefer to wear these at a brunch date, you can do it in style. The honeycomb design is ultra-flattering, and the ruched center lifts the behind for a natural look.

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2. Seamless Scrunch Leggings

Head to the gym with confidence, thanks to these scrunch bum leggings. The stretchy polyester and spandex blend provides optimum support for the behind and keeps you feeling comfortable while you work out. The high waistband is a flattering style that slims your waist and flatters many body shapes. Whether you are dancing, doing squats, or simply taking a selfie, this workout gear is ready for action.


3. Cheeky Scrunch Leggings

Make a statement when you go for your next run – these leggings are sure to turn heads. They offers tummy control with a high waistband and perfectly shape your butt, thanks to its ruched center. The textured design prevents chafing between the thighs, and it is perfect for all seasons of the year. It is stretchy and secure enough for squats, weight lifting, and cardio.


4. Marble Scrunch Leggings

Flatter your shape and lift your behind with these scrunched bum leggings. The seamless design is ultra-comfortable and offers control over your body while you work out. These workout pants sculpt and contour the hips, and the supportive, high waistband provides comfort for working out or taking a selfie or two.


5. Peached Scrunch Shorts

Push up, lift and shape your behind with these cute booty shorts. The ruching down the center accentuates your shape. Its thick fabric isn’t see-through, so you can perform squats, lift weights and go for a bike ride without worry. Flatten your tummy with the soft waistband – the cute pink color looks great with a wide range of activewear. You have a great body, so why not show it off?


6. Brazilian Scrunch Butt Leggings

Work on your glutes, and show them off in style with these butt-lifting leggings. It’s suitable for all types of figures, thanks to its ruched center and four-way stretchy material. The moisture-wicking fabric is ideal for different types of workouts. It’s so sleek; it’s like a second skin – you will look and feel incredible as soon as you put them on.


7. Net Scrunch Leggings

Whether you’re working on your squats or increasing your cardio levels, these are providing optimum stretch for a gym session. They look cute enough for a quick post-workout selfie and offer a huge range of colors so that you can have something new every day. These pants will have you checking yourself out in every reflection you pass – trust us.


8. Marble Scrunch Butt Leggings & Shorts

This cute scrunch leggings and scrunch shorts are a great option for a workout with four-way stretch, cute patterns, and a booty-lifting effect. You can also say goodbye to pulling up your pants halfway through a set – this activewear set has sweat and squat-proof fabric to stay put no matter the exercise. Choose from  three different colors – you can easily go from the gym to a coffee with your friends instantly.


9. Look Back At It Scrunch Leggings

For the ultimate boost, give these butt-enhancing leggings from GymDeity. Try these scrunch leggings with a high waist and a butt scrunch seam, your behind will look instantly lifted – plus the waist won’t slip down while you work out. Watch as your booty goes from good to great as soon as you slip into them. The Spandex fabric is squat proof and is buttery soft, too, so you can wear them for daily walks, a yoga session, or even a coffee with your friends.


10. Seamless Scrunch Bum Leggings

Show off your hard work with a pair of seamless scrunch bum leggings. These seamless workout pants offer premium coverage for squats, pilates, and everything in between, but they will also lift and enhance your booty with their contoured fabric and butt scrunch seam. Choose from colors like cool gray, pink, black, blue, or mocha – there’s something to wear for every gym session of the week.


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Best Butt Lift Leggings collection featuring scrunch leggings. These butt-lifting leggings are the way to go for a perfect peach look, whether you're in the gym or on the couch — see all.


Why are Scrunch Bum Leggings so Popular?

Not only are these workout pants incredibly comfortable, but they also help lift and shape your behind. These flattering scrunch bum leggings provide support for workouts such as yoga and cardio. The ruched design is a great option for completing squats and lifting weights. Many brands offer moisture-wicking fabric, so you can exercise knowing you look and feel amazing. 

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