Best Scrunch Booty Leggings & Shorts

Best Scrunch Booty Leggings & Shorts


and AFFORDABLE Gym Leggings for Women.


Lifting and shaping your booty takes a lot of time and effort. Whether you’re a fan of squats, lunges, hip thrusting or lifting heavy, there are many ways you can create an prefect peach shape. However, wearing the right scrunch shorts is an great alternative to showcase your glutes These best scrunch butt shorts feature a ruched seam down the center, which gives the illusion of a tight and round behind. The popularity of this activewear hasn’t slowed down in recent years, and it’s easy to see why – they’re flattering, comfortable, and stylish. Here’s why butt scrunch shorts are still going viral and how to find the best pair for you.

1. Peached Scrunch Leggings $15

With these peachy scrunch leggings, you can work out while remaining comfy. These squat proof, stretchy gym shorts are the ideal companion for a workout session.The seamless pattern is extremely flattering, and the ruched center lifts the behind for a natural shape.

2. Net Scrunch Leggings $15

With these net scrunch leggings, you can go to the gym with confidence. The stretchy polyester and spandex blend provides optimal booty support and comfort while working out. The high waistband is a flattering style that slims the waist and flatters all body shapes. These shorts are ready for action whether you're dancing, doing squats, or simply taking a selfie.

3. Marble Scrunch Leggings $19.

Make a statement with these scrunch leggings, they're sure to turn heads. They provide tummy control with a high waistband and perfectly shape your buttocks due to their contouring design and ruched center. The seamless fabric eliminates chafing between the thighs and is stretchy enough for squats, lunges, and cardio exercises.

4. High Waisted Scrunch Shorts $15

These scrunch butt shorts will flatter your figure and lift your behind. These seamless workout shorts sculpt and contour the glutes, and the supportive, high waistband keeps you comfortable while working out or taking selfies.

5. Brazilian Shorts $9.95

If you want your behind to look its best when you’re working out, these leggings are the right choice for you. The scrunched seam lifts and shapes your bum, and the soft fabric prevents chafing between your thighs. You can perform yoga, squats, or even cardio without a worry – the secure waistband offers tummy control and comfort so you can work harder and make gains.

scrunch butt shorts

Bonus: Dupes, nvgtn activewear.

Okay, there not Scrunch Booty Shorts but these hvgtn dupes accentuate your behind and feel incredible while you workout. The everyday style is perfect for when you’re running errands, doing yoga, or going for a jog. The stretchy fabric allows you to squat or lift weights, and the high waistband keeps you secure at all times. The seamless contouring is ultra flattering, and the buttery soft fabric will have you feeling and looking your best while making that booty look extra peachy!

scrunch butt shorts
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Designed to help shape your booty, these leggings feature a contour design that highlights and accentuates your curves. And the best part? You don't have to break the bank to achieve this trendy look. Our dupes for NVGTN shorts are less than half the price, with free shipping on orders over $25! Your glutes will thank you for it!"

scrunch butt shorts
scrunch butt shorts
scrunch butt shorts

Give Your Booty A Boost with Our Scrunch Shorts & Leggings

You work out to look your best, so let's flaunt it! Our signature Butt Scrunch shorts line is designed to accentuate the booty you work hard to get! You’ll be sure to turn heads wearing our scrunch bum shorts and gym shorts.

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