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Top 10 Fitness Influencers On IG To Follow Like, Yesterday.

Top 10 Black Fitness Influencers On Instagram

Black Fitness Influencers to Follow on Instagram, Like, Yesterday.

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Let's face it: It’s no secret that the fitness and wellness industry lacks inclusion. And some fitness clothing brands may only feature non melanin individuals in their marketing messaging only, even after the event of 2020.

This means that the Melanin Community is often excluded from the conversation surrounding health, fitness, and nutrition. Yes, it is a harsh reality. The fitness and wellness industry has a diversity problem. There's a lack of representation in gyms, magazines, websites (yes, even on Instagram), and other social media feeds.

While the fitness industry has a long way to go before it becomes a truly inclusive space, you'll find that there are actually countless black trainers, black fitness influencers, and black yogis serving up inspiration and information on the regular. These are the top fitness freaks that are actually doing it!

Sometimes, all we need is a little aspiration.

Follow these amazing black fitness influencers on Instagram for fitness tips and daily motivation. Who strive to promote a positive example of health, wellness and fitness. 

10 Black Fitness Trainers to Follow on Instagram

There are a ton of Black fitness creators who are creating incredible content. So whether you’re looking for body positivity, motivation, yoga, or intense HIIT workouts, or booty building tips, these accounts have something for you.

1. Babeth Lando (@yababeth)  • Instagram

If you need some motivation to finally get back in the gym, follow Babeth Lando. She is an fitness freak and social media influencer turn health coach.

Not only will you get fitness inspiration, but she also gets real about not feeling  her best after not training for a few months — the type of realness we all need.

black female fitness instagram yababeth

2. TiTi (@lil.precious) • Instagram

You can expect motivation posts, lifestyle posts, and workout inspiration from TiTi. And she’s a cardio and strength training expert — no, really. 

She had a toned body before being pregnant but after having her baby.
She bounce back and  had a six pack within 1-2 months with the help of using her Detox Drink ,30 Days Belly Fat Be GONE!

3.Coach Taelor B. (@im_taaelorb) • Instagram

She's a Health & Wellness Coach with years of personal training and coaching experience, she solidified her name in the fitness world.

She also posts at-home workouts to her Instagram feed — and most of them don’t even require equipment.

Be sure to check out her Daily Motivation videos, talks about reality situations with the help of inspirational and Motivational advice.

black female fitness instagram

4. Massy Arias (@massy.arias) • Instagram

Massy Arias has a strong Instagram fitness community with nearly 3 million followers. Her feed is loaded with a great mix of short workouts and lifestyle content. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick cardio session or core circuit, this certified personal trainer has got you covered

Just scroll through Corey’s feed if you need an extra push to get shredded. He posts daily motivation and exercises inspiration. 

5. Brittne Babe (@Brittnebabe) • Instagram

Scrolling through Brittne’s Instagram feed is enough to get anyone off the couch and into the gym. 

With almost 2 million followers, this fitness model turned influencer serves up healthy meal tips and workout inspiration — there are even some fun TikToks thrown in there.

If you decide to take on one of her workouts, be prepared to feel strong and sore the next day.


6. Morgan Dawson (@morgandawson__) • Instagram

black female fitness instagram

She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine trainer while also doubling as a fitness model. Morgan is also the owner of Squat Tough (a high-quality fitness equipment brand).

On her IG account, she has 569k followers. As one of the successful athletic black female fitness influencers, she shares transformation, lifestyle, and healthy diet posts and Stories.

7. Marie Blachard  (@haitianbeauty25) • Instagram

black female fitness instagram haitianbeauty25

She is currently an MBA student of psychology and has published her own cookbook, Dieting Deliciously. This seven-time bikini champion is one of the successful black fitness influencers as well.


8. Frantzcesca Casimir (@frantzcesca.casimir) • Instagram

black female fitness instagram

Frantzcesca Casimir is an American fitness model, United States Army officer, fitness instructor, and social media influencer known for her incredible physique, which she features in photos and videos of her workouts on her Instagram profile. She’s stylish, gorgeous, big, and stunning.


9. Jenna de León (@jenna.deleon) • Instagram

black female fitness instagram

She’s a fitness coach with both beauty and brains headquartered in Illinois. Jenna, a fitness-trainer, has your back if you’re searching for encouragement on a healthy life style or a workout program with before and after proven results.

10. J A Z • J A C K S O N (@itssimplyjackson) • Instagram

black female fitness instagram

She is interested in wellness, fashion, and women empowerment. Jaz is the founder of her own brand, Sculpt42 fall. She has 344k followers on her Instagram account and she uses her influence to motivate her followers to be fit and healthy.

How To Find Black Fitness Influencers On Instagram?

Finding influencers has multiple ways, such as using social media platforms, searching on Google, doing relevant hashtag searches, finding an influencer database, conducting a competitor analysis, taking a look at blogs, and newsletters in your niche, etc.

Taking advantage of hashtag searches by using key words helps you best what you looking for because you don’t need to do anything manually; instead, you can explore and find thousands of influencers without wasting tons of time and energy.

Do you want to know one of these influencer search tools? Let’s dive right in.

The MELANIN Community with 246k Followers (@melanincrushdaily) you can find workout videos and fitness tips of the top melanin females with easy.

 Who qualifies as an fitness influencer?

Influencers in social media are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. They make regular posts about that topic on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic, engaged people who pay close attention to their views.

1- Who is a fitness influencer?

A fitness influencer is someone who has a lot of authority in the online fitness community. They are well-known, liked, and trusted among fitness enthusiasts, so their advice carries a lot of weight. They utilize their credibility to persuade others, frequently endorsing brands’ products and services.


2- Who is the most popular black fitness influencer?

Babeth Lando (@yababeth) aka Transformation coach is the most popular black female fitness influencer with over 1.1 million followers.


In conclusion, these fitness influencers are changing the game when it comes to health and wellness. They motivate others to get fit, be healthy, and love their bodies. If you’re looking for some motivation and inspiration, be sure to check out these amazing fitness influencers on Instagram! workout at all. While hitting “follow” is great, we also encourage you to engage with their content — like, share, and save.

-Gym out 

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