Black Female Fitness Influencers

Top 10 Black Female Fitness Influencers

Top 10 Black Female Fitness Influencers Redefining Wellness

Top 10 Black Female Fitness Influencers

Looking for Black Female Fitness influencers for your campaign or collaboration? Our list is what you need. We considered their following, engagement, and influence in the fitness space.

Black Fitness Influencers

The wellness industry has often excluded Black women. With Black History Month near, it’s crucial to celebrate Black fitness influencers and trainers. The pandemic has boosted interest in at-home fitness, with searches for "virtual wellness" up 151% from last year. Black fitness influencers are changing the fitness industry. They focus on body positivity, strength, and well-being.

Read on to discover ten Black fitness influencers who are succeeding online and improving the wellness space.

Black Fitfluencers

1. Jeanette Jenkins


Jeanette, the founder of The Hollywood Trainer Club, has over 30 years of experience. She helps people find the athlete within. She shares quick workouts on Instagram Live and collaborated with Apple to create a Fitness Walk.

2. Sloane Stephens


Tennis pro Sloane Stephens has 500K followers. She achieved a career-best ranking of №3 at Wimbledon in 2018. Sloane inspires girls to dream big through her foundation.

3. Jessamyn Stanley


Jessamyn, a body-positive yogi and author, helps students move past mental barriers. She founded The Underbelly, a community for everyone overlooked by the wellness industry.

4. Lita Lewis


Lita, raised in Sydney, Australia, is a fitness coach known for her Ab Chiseler program. She advocates for body-positive athletes through her brand, Thick Athletics.

5. Ally Love


Peloton instructor Ally Love empowers followers with honest conversations. She founded the Love Squad and has a devoted 535K follower base.

6. Natasha Hastings


Natasha, a 2x Olympic Gold Medalist in Track and Field, promotes her vegan beauty brand, 400M Diva Collection. She encourages girls to be confident in life and sport.

7. Sasha Exeter


Canadian blogger Sasha Exeter focuses on fitness and fashion. She shares her experience overcoming chronic illnesses and has partnered with brands like Nike and Clinique.

8. Chelsea Jackson Roberts


Peloton Yoga instructor Chelsea makes classes accessible for all body types. She founded the Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp.

9. Chrissy King


Fitness coach Chrissy King promotes racial equity in fitness. She encourages her 70K followers to embrace their bodies.

10. Gina Danza

Instagram: WILDGINAA

Outdoor photographer Gina Danza, with 60K followers, captures moments in nature. She aims to increase Black representation in the outdoors.

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