Best Underwear For Sweaty Workouts

Best Women's No Show Underwear For Sweaty Workouts

When it comes to workout underwear, we often grab whatever is convenient or wear what we have on already. With so much other gear to think about, underwear is usually not a priority.

But hear me out: Imagine this. You're doing Pilates, wearing lace underwear, and suddenly you notice an imprint of the design on your butt. Or maybe you decided to go for a run, but the chafing was so intense that you had to turn it into a walk. And let's not forget that indoor cycling class, where you ended up with a crotch drenched in sweat. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it might be time to consider investing in workout-specific underwear.

Workout underwear is designed to enhance your exercise experience by providing comfort and practicality. It is typically crafted from smooth and stretchy fabrics that effectively wick away sweat and moisture. This is not only beneficial for your comfort but also from a health standpoint. Bacteria and yeast, which can lead to vaginal infections, thrive in warm and moist environments.

By wearing moisture-managing underwear and removing your sweaty leggings and underwear after your workout, you can help prevent these infections and promote vaginal health.

Ready to upgrade your workout wardrobe? Ahead, we found the best styles for working out or any other activity that involves sweat.

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