Cheap Workout Leggings That Look Expensive

Cheap Workout Leggings That Look Expensive

Cheap Workout Leggings That Look Expensive

If TikTok has taught us anything? It's that you can find the best cheap workout leggings and viral leggings of affordable activewear for women.

Sometimes our motivation to work out really comes down to one thing and one thing only: Are any of my favorite workout leggings currently clean? If not, it’s that much easier to make an excuse to skip that day’s run or weights session.

The best workout leggings are, after all, the ones that make you actually want to work out or at least make you less likely to skip the said workout. For me, they have a few things in common: They aren’t see-through, they don’t fall down, and they have just a bit of compression to them.

Still, people have different workout leggings preferences. Some prefer workout leggings with a little sheen and stretch others want them to be 100% cotton and prioritize breathability. Pockets can also be important, as well as variables like length and waistband thickness.

To help you find your new favorite pair, we spent hours researching, running, stretching, and, yes, lounging on the couch. No matter your lifestyle, budget, or workout habits, these are the best workout leggings available now, for cheap!


Our Top Picks: The Best Affordable Workout Leggings 


The Best Affordable Workout Leggings

Lululemon-Inspired Leggings brands that are similar to Lululemon include Yogalicious, 90 Degrees, Zella, Colorfulkoala, Alo Yoga. The best alternatives to Lululemon, CRZ Yoga, Athleta, Sweaty Betty and GymDeity.

BEST BUDGET: FREE NKD LEGGINGS - $19.95 (Frist pair is FREE!)

The Best Affordable Workout Leggings

There’s a reason why these tights a dedicated following to its leggings besides being absolutely FREE for your first pair—they’re good, lululemon alternatives, and come in a variety of sizes and lengths. For under $20, they’re affordable enough to buy several patterns or colors.


The Best Affordable Workout Leggings

If you are looking for the softest leggings that can work well in a yoga outfit, gym  or as cozy loungewear, there's this pair yoga tights are it. The buttery leggings will feel easy to move in yet supportive, thanks to a wide waistband and cotton blend spandex content.


The Best Affordable Workout Leggings

Looking for the leggings that will help you perform your absolute best in whatever big workout you have planned? This matching workout set should be your go-to pick. They’re high-waisted, full-length compression leggings that make you feel like you can do pretty much anything.


The Best Affordable Workout Leggings

These are so comfy and versatile. They're buttery soft, hug your curves just right, and can withstand a myriad of activities, from carrying your groceries up your walk-way or a jog through the park. And did we mention they have pockets.

What to Look for in Workout Leggings


As with any attire, how comfortable you are in leggings will depend on the materials you prefer to put on your body. Fabric plays a role in how leggings look and feel; consider the visual difference between a high-sheen poly blend and a 100% cotton pair. This is especially important if you'll be using your leggings in a work-from-home capacity, too.


What you'll be doing in your leggings should inform which ones you choose. If you do intense HIIT workouts, you'll need stronger construction than if you're a leggings lounger who won't be exercising in them. And if you're a fan of hot yoga, you'll want leggings that will stay put and be breathable when you get sweaty in them.

Pockets and Details

You don't necessarily need pockets in your leggings, but they certainly are convenient for placing keys or having your phone on you. Added details like lace-up details can help improve fit, so that you feel your best in your leggings.

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