Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok RN!

Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok RN!

Affordable Activewear Dupes Trending On TikTok

TikTok users have discovered Activewear dupes - lululemon alternatives, bo and tee, NVGTN, bombshell and more.

Dupes are our new favorite thing, and TikTok is the best place to find all the good Instagram fitness brands stuff. TikTokers are becoming increasingly obsessed with finding next-best-thing products for a fraction of the price, whether finding perfect lookalike Lululemon leggings, or NVGTN fitness leggings that give off viral legging vibes. At this point, even iconic kim skims are getting duped:

Activewear buys are one of the largest TikTok dupe categories, and the fitness fashion lookalike finds are just as good — or better.

Take one TikToker, who reviewed seven different Lululemon legging dupe brands in a recent video, or another user who loves finding Pinterest-inspired designer lookalikes from Amazon and Gymdeity for cheap. Curious? Here are the best affordable fitness fashion dupes trending on TikTok right now. 

These dupes are everyday basics

 Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok

With many of us spending much more time at home than usual, it's no wonder leggings, sports bras, and comfy tees are becoming our go-to's, and who isn't at least a bit curious about Lululemon's iconic pieces? After all, the brand is known for making high-quality activewear that skims and highlights curves in the best way possible.

Even though we love the style and fit of the brand's core leggings, $98 is just a bit steep. That's where the $21.95 Free NKD Leggings comes in: A nearly-identical Lululemon dupe, this Tiktok find will take you from Pilates classes to work-from-home afternoons to even date night. This TikToker says it's "very comfortable," and definitely "worth the money." Win!

TikTok-approved lookalikes that are fun

 Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok
 Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok

Now we have a few dupes that are just a bit more daring, eccentric, and overall fun. But first — leggings. With TikTok's #lululemondupes hashtag rising to 60+ million views, it's clear many of us are interested in finding Lululemon's iconic pieces for less. Case in point? These Colorfulkoala Women's Buttery Soft High Waisted Yoga Pants, which are officially the best dupe for Lululemon's legendary Align Leggings. 

This TikToker is obsessed with her pair, telling followers: "as someone who loves the Lulu[lemon] Align leggings, I would never throw this around lightly... these leggings are the closest thing to an Align dupe you'll ever find." At a fraction of the price, this Tiktok pair is just as high-quality as any luxury activewear brand, and comes in 15 rainbow bright hues (we love the peachy shade!). Sorry, Lululemon Align leggings — this low-cost pair is just as good.

Activewear dupes and daily go-to's

 Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok

Now that many of us are choosing to stuff our wired bras in a drawer forever, it's no surprise sales for soft and stretchy bras are rising (via The New York Times). While sports bras were once seen as an exercise-only kind of thing, many of us are reaching for our spandex shelf bras everyday. If you've ever coveted Lululemon's Free to Be Wild Bra and its flattering strappy back, you might be pleasantly surprised to know you can get the look for a lot less than $48. As per Livingly, this $11.95 Crisscross Sports Bra is identical to the Lululemon version, coming in 6 colors. This TikToker is "obsessed" with the brand's "amazing" activewear, especially this cutout-back design.

Looking for more leggings? These $88 Girlfriend Collective Compressive Pocket Legging went viral recently, and since they're often sold out — why not hunt for an even cheaper dupe? These $19.95 Ododos Women's NKD yoga pants are the perfect leggings with pockets, and will prove just as flattering.

 Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok

Super-trendy TikTok dupes

Don't get us wrong, we love a good wear-everyday basic. Leggings, comfy bralettes, and slides are our uniform, and who doesn't feel the power of the perfect workout bodysuit? But sometimes you want to go out-of-the-box with your fashion finds, and TikTok is making it that much easier to get Insta-approved looks on a budget. This TikToker hunted down all the best dupes for viral skims dupes, and let's just say we're feeling deeply appreciative right about now.

Exhibit A: this adorable, workout onesie, skims inspired bodysuit, a social media sensation that rounds out at around $78. Meanwhile, the skims bodysuit dupe is stretchy, wear-everywhere perfection, and a perfect, high-quality dupe for just $15.95.

 Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok


Perfect work-from-home fashion dupes

 Best Activewear Lookalikes Found On TikTok

By now, it's clear we love gym leggings — but comfy leggings have a place in our hearts, too. Of course, the ideal everyday leggings are still chic, with a flattering fit in an über-cute shade. Skims $58 Ribbed high-rise leggings fit the bill, but not everyone is willing to shell out that much for ribbed leggings— no matter how buttery-soft they are.

TikTokers are going crazy over these Ribbed Gym Leggings, a $15.95 alternative that is ultra-soft with four-way stretch, high-waisted with tummy control (win!), and slightly compression. Almost 1,000 reviewers are obsessed with these "amazing" skims, while this TikToker says they are "the best rib leggings" ever.

These athleisure basics are seriously cute

We love a good light-support workout set for workouts or weekend brunches, especially in pretty hues and flattering fits. Not just for gym wear, these buttery soft matching workout sets with its 11 gorgeous colorways and "weightless" fabric. This TikTok-approved Basic gym day sets features a padded Sports Bra and no front seam leggings is everything we ever wanted in a comfy workout set, at just $25.95.

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