seamless scrunch leggings

Best 5 Scrunch Leggings for Your Glutes!

Best Scrunch Butt Leggings Your Booty Will Love!

Most budget-friendly scrunch butt leggings. Trendy and viral leggings that support your shape and makes the booty pop!.

seamless scrunch leggings

We all want booties similar to that peach emoji, don’t we? Well, the best scrunch butt leggings ensure that you get that perfectly sculpted derriere without the need to spend months in the gym. The viral power of Tiktoks has quickly made these high-wasited, butt-sculpting leggings a huge hit! These leggings cinch right at the start of your tailbones and enhance your buttcheeks with a natural lift. Not only are these leggings extremely functional, but they also are perfect for adding a little spice to your wardrobe. These versatile pieces of workout clothing can be used for multiple purposes.

All you #belfie (butt selfie) enthusiasts looking to add that extra bit of oomph to your feed – here’s your quick solution! Well, not just them alone; we urge everyone to give these booty leggings a try (at least once). Who knows, just like us, you too might become a fan! Here, we have compiled a quick list of the best scrunch butt leggings that are tried and tested by users all over the Internet. Scroll down to read more about them.

1. Alphalete Amplify Dupes

seamless scrunch leggings

Made of an anticellulite textured polyester and spandex blend, these Slimming Booty Leggings give you a Brazilian booty-like enhancement without the extra time spent squatting at the gym! The high waist design provides optimum tummy control, while the scrunchie butt gives some very cheeky oomph to your tush. Super stretchy, moisture-wicking and quick-drying, they make the perfect gym shapewear bottoms or pilates companion, but also serve as simply derrière-flattering bottoms for everyday chores. Available in several colors and shorts. These tights are bound to grab eyeballs wherever you go!


  • Best dupe for Alphalete's amplify
  • Multiple colors and style
  • Make your legs look thinner
  • Machine washable


  • Sizing is unique, need to refer to their size chart 


2. KIWI RATA Peachy Bunz Scrunch Butt Pants

seamless scrunch leggings

This scrunched leggings design is one to tone your thighs and glutes to belfie perfection! Made with 92% polyester and 8% spandex, KIWI RATA’s Scrunch Butt Yoga Pants aren’t only engineered to give your booty the peachiest of lifts, but the high waist also provides amazing tummy control and compression, thus improving your performance during any gym sesh. Additionally, not only are these butt-astic bottoms available in beautiful bold colors (blacks, greys, blues, reds, and greens) and pretty pastel colors (rose, lilac, grey pink, and baby blue), they also come in workout shorts!


  • 4-way stretch
  • Amazing booty push-up effect
  • Lightweight comfort
  • Scrunch butt


  • May have to go down a size as they run big

3. AUROLA intensify seamless scrunch legging

seamless scrunch leggings

If it’s super soft and ultra-stretchy comfort you’re looking for at the gym or on the go, TSUTAYA is your new booty bestie. These athletic capris and full-length style leggings are made of a wonderful blend of nylon (65%), polyester (25%) and spandex (10%), which provide lightweight comfort and a breathable design. The seamless compression and squat-proof nature of these scrunch pants flatter your glutes, hamstrings, and quads, and make for the perfect strength training companion. This perfect combo of chic and comfort comes in a range of alluring colors like Blue-Teal Marl, Carbon Black, Distressed Green, Slimming Carmine, and the crowd favorite Coral Red. What’s more, they are available in sets of matching colored tops to boot!


  • Skin-friendly soft fabric
  • Full-length styles
  • Fit true to size
  • Seamless design


  • Not 100% squat-proof in bright colors

4. RUNNING GIRL High Waist Yoga Leggings

seamless scrunch leggings

Designed with a non-see-through and 4-way stretch fabric that contours and slims your booty and thighs with each movement and pose, these Peachy Bunz scrunch bottom leggings from Varuwy are perfect for those searching for a bootylicious fit in their activewear. You don’t have to worry about your muffin top photobombing your gym selfies either, thanks to their tummy control-ensuring high and wide waistband design that gives a smooth, secure fit and flatters one’s physique to perfection. Made with the highest quality of polyester (90%) and spandex (10%), the material is stretchy, breathable, quick to dry, moisture wicking, and provides a snug and slimming fit. The seamless knit texture enhances your booty and prevents any chafing or irritation to the inner thighs.


  • Anti-cellulite design
  • Non-fading material
  • Tons of compression


  • The “scrunch” rides up the butt

5. FITTOO High Waisted Marble Scrunch Leggings

seamless scrunch leggings

This zero-flaw tie-dye textured material is super stretchy, doesn’t pile or fade, has no movement limitations, and is squat-proof enough for your sweatiest of leg days! The polyamide (92%) and spandex (8%) blend is of premium quality and provides luxuriously lightweight comfort with tons of compression to hug your curves and keep everything smoothly tucked. We especially love the right amount of scrunch designed at the posterior, which gives one’s tush a natural and oh-so-juicy butt-lift. Available in a range of bold colors (green, grey, red, black, blue, and pink), FITTOO’s leggings feel just like a snug second skin and make for the ideal gym shapewear or an everyday skinny jeans replacement – they’re as versatile as you need them to be!


  • Give you a perkier booty
  • Classic rib waistband
  • Pass the squat test
  • No camel toe
  • Form-flattering design


    • May not be a great fit for short girls


    seamless scrunch leggings

    With booty-flaunting bottoms like these, expect all eyes to follow your derrière, including your own (hello, gorgeous belfies – er, butt selfies)! But before you treat your tush, take a look at our handy buying guide to gear yourself up for the best scrunch butt leggings investment you can make. Read on!

    A Belfie Lover’s Guide To Buying Scrunch Butt Leggings

    Scrunch booty leggings come in all sorts of styles, textures, specs, and fabrics— an overwhelming buffet of options for any gal. Thankfully, we’ve listed down some cardinal tips to help you find the perfect bootylicious match for your bottom.

    How To Choose The Best Scrunch Leggings?

    We recommend you assess the following parameters in your scrunch butt leggings in order to ensure you’re making a good quality purchase that suits your needs:

    1. Fabric Quality

    The best way to assess whether your leggings are made of good quality material is through the “squat test.” If you squat and find your scrunch butt leggings have turned see-through around your cheeks, consider them a no-go. However, if you don’t expect to be doing any active work in the leggings, and find them comfortable and cozy enough for some lazy loungewear, feel free to forego the squat test.

    2. Waistband Comfort & Fit

    The waistband can make or break the overall comfort of your scrunch butt leggings during a gym sesh. Avoid low-rise options as these tend to be rather impractical for any workout sessions since they tend to move and allow parts of you that you’d rather not bulge out. So, high-rise waistbands are always a better bet; not only are they more secure, they are also less likely to have a flat seam that rolls up or digs into your skin as you move.

    3. Length

    If possible, always attempt to try on your scrunch butt leggings beforehand so that you can gauge where they actually fall on your body. Depending on how tall you are, certain lengths of leggings, such as capris, may end at wholly different spots than the advertised picture, which may be uncomfortable. Or, full-lengths may be a tad too long but a 7/8th length cut might be an ideal “full length.” The best way to deduce your height-appropriate length is usually through trial, but as an alternative during online shopping, you may also refer to size charts or opt for easy to return items.

    4. Overall Fit

    The crucial test here is to assess whether your scrunch butt leggings keep put during high-impact gym sessions. The last thing you need is for your booty-lifting bottoms to give up on you and fall down in the middle of a burpee. If you find yourself constantly adjusting or pulling up your scrunch butt leggings in the middle of working out, they aren’t a good fit for activewear (no pun intended).

    5. Moisture Management

    Steer clear from fabrics and colors that will put all your sweat on full display. Now, while we can’t really test this feature without a sweat-inducing workout, you can always follow the thumb rule that lighter colors are more prone to expose sweat. Fabrics also play a huge role here. When you’re working out, you need your scrunch butt leggings to dry fast sans any odor so you can transition from gym to the rest of your day fresh as a daisy. Test this by taking a note of what moisture-wicking material your go-to gym wear is made of and look for scrunch butt leggings of the same ilk.

    6. Activity-specific Needs

    Certain types of activities may warrant additional specifications:

    • If you’re a runner, you may prefer a nifty pocket in your scrunch butt leggings design to help you carry keys or money during your run. You may also prefer a fabric that provides more compression and a tighter fit.
    • If you attend yoga classes, you may prefer a fabric that is extra stretchy and has a 4 way-stretch for zero limitations.
    • If you’re used to high-impact workouts, opt for scrunch butt leggings with some built-in drawstring to doubly secure your leggings and ensure they remain in place.

    If you do not want to spend extra time working out or shaping your butt, you can wear scrunch butt leggings to make your hips, butt, and legs look well toned. These leggings also serve you well as gym shapewear during your pilates training. They are available in many colors and patterns from which you can choose the best ones to make your legs look shapely. However, while choosing the perfect leggings for yourself, you should make sure that the leggings can aid in improving your gym performance. Some of these lightweight and comfortable leggings also come with side pockets to offer you good access to your essentials, including phones, cards, keys, and accessories.


    Are scrunch bum leggings good?

    If you’re looking to enhance the size of your bum, the tight-fitting nature of scrunch bum leggings will give your booty a natural lift while the ruching design clings to your cheeks and provides the illusion of a bigger derrière.

    Are scrunch bum leggings comfortable?

    Provided you select one with a breathable and stretchy fabric, scrunch bum leggings can fit like a lightweight second skin that is sufficiently comfortable for athletic as well as everyday activities.

    What is the point of scrunch butt leggings?

    Scrunch butt leggings are meant to (gloriously) flatter your derrière by snugly hugging the contours of your glutes whilst simultaneously giving a natural lift for a perkier and juicer bottom. A textured scrunch butt legging also helps hide skin imperfections like cellulite.

    Why are scrunch butt leggings popular?

    After going viral in TikTok video challenges, scrunch butt leggings attained popularity due to their textured fabric that accentuates the curves of one’s bottom and a ruched seam along the tailbone that earned these tush-flaunting pants the nickname of “butt crack leggings.”

    Do scrunch butt leggings work?

    The ruched cut along the cheeks is designed to enhance the curvy silhouette of any bottom. However, scrunch butt leggings are only as good as their foundation. If you’re more of a pancake rather than a peach, you are less likely to see as dramatic a transformation.

    Why are scrunch bum leggings so popular?

    Scrunch bum leggings are popular because they provide a flattering look, and narrow waistline, and ensure the glutes look fuller. They are comfortable to wear and hide any fat around the butt.

    When wearing scrunch butt leggings, should you wear the correct size or a size smaller or larger to keep the scrunch look?

    Wear scrunch butt leggings that are correct to your size to keep the scrunched look. Because smaller leggings might be tight and may not be comfortable for a long-time.

    Should you wear underwear with scrunched butt leggings?

    Scrunched butt leggings can be worn with or without underwear.


    -Gym out

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