Best Lululemon Dupes We've Found on TikTok! -

Best Lululemon Dupes We've Found on TikTok!

Top 5 Best Lululemon Legging Dupes We've Found on TikTok!


We all love Lululemon... between their best-selling Align leggings made of their buttery-soft Nulu fabric, the classic Luon and Luxtreme Wunder Unders, and the Nulux Fast and Free's, Lululemon has made itself the gold-standard of not only functional, but also fashionable activewear.

They have leggings meant for every type of exercise you would want: yoga, running, cross training, lazy lounging? However, with prices ranging from 80-120 dollars a pair, as much as we'd like to have 20 pairs, sometimes it isn't possible. Fortunately, there is a whole world of Lululemon alternatives that are almost identical for way less than half the Lululemon price, and with all the benefit of free shipping!


Check Out The Top 5 Lululemon Leggings Dupes!

1) LuLu No Front Seam Leggings with Pockets - $19

Best High Quality, Leggings Like Lululemon Dupes

The No Front Seam Leggings with pockets are composed of 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex, and you guess it no front seam like lululemon leggings align, they not only come in solid colors, but in camo too!

2) LuLu NKD High Rise Leggings No Pockets ($15)align

Another like Lululemon leggings, the NKD High Rise Leggings No Pockets, offer the seam contouring of the original Align leggings, which had a double V contour instead of just one. While many Lululemon lovers spend well above retail price to get the original double V contouring, why spend all that money when you can get a NKD dupe at less than a fourth of the price! 

All colors which sold out quickly and are no longer sold by Lululemon. If you missed out on a previous color and can't find the original, this is the dupe for you!

3) LuLu High-Rise Leggings with pockets - ($22)

Moving away from the Align dupes, LuLu also makes a Fast and Free legging dupe! The Lululemon Fast and Free's are beloved for their high compression, sleek texture, and is favored for running. One of the rarest "dupes" to find.

The LuLu collection provides like lululemon leggings in many of the hard-to-find discontinued colors from Lululemon that are impossible to get your hands on now. Originally priced at $128 dollars, these dupes will only run you $22 with free shipping!

4) LuLu NKD Leggings - ($19)


Not all of the leggings that Lululemon makes are high-waisted pairs. Some of them are simpler and more relaxed, making them ideal for lounging around in on the daily. These LuLu NKD Mid Rise Leggings are the perfect pair that match the quality of the Lululemon alternatives without the price tag! The waist is a mid-rise length, and the design is simple. We all need some basic pairs of black leggings, and these are some of the best you can own!

What we love most about these leggings is that they come in one of the widest size selections that we’ve seen! They go from Small all the way up to 3X, and this sizing is available in all colors.


5) LuLu NKD No Front Seam Leggings ($22)

NKD No Front Leggings offers buttery soft fabric that feels like you're wearing nothing at all! Featuring a sleek design with minimal stitching, no front and side seam with hidden inner pocket makes it easy to dress these up or down.


Hope this list has been useful for finding dupes for some of your favorite lululemon yoga pant styles!


Before you hit "Add to Cart" on yet another pair of $100+ leggings, see the list for the best Lululemon alternatives below and see which like lululemon leggings dupes are your favorite?

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