best leggings for thick thighs and curves

The Best Leggings For Curvy Figures

5 The Best Leggings For Curvy Figures

How do you style your curvy figure in leggings? For those with curves.
best leggings for thick thighs and curves


The best leggings for a curvy figure are stretch fabrics, comfortable waistbands, sweat-wicking and squat proof are typically at the top of everyone's leggings-related wishlists. That said, there are two qualities that might be especially important when shopping for a thick girl: silhouette and stretch.

First, let's talk about the silhouette. Size isn't the only factor that determines the fit. Certain pants are just shaped differently, so in this case, you want to look for pairs that have extra room towards the upper legs. Since you can't exactly try them on, consult the reviews section to see what past buyers are saying about them.

Next, opt for extra stretchy fabrics instead of constrictive ones. That way, even if the silhouette is not a perfect fit, you'll still be comfortable. Most of these pairs contain anywhere from 10% to 20% spandex, which offers stretch without compromising on quality. (In other words, they're still largely squat-proof.)

According to both reviewers and the above criteria, these are the best leggings for thicker women are made from high-quality, stretchy four-way fabrics.

Women's Leggings For Curvy Figures

1. Overall Best Leggings For Curvy Figures

Approx. $0 to $22 (Frist pair of leggings is free)

best leggings for thick thighs and curves


These Free NKD Leggings are a great choice for working out or everyday wear. Pair them with a sweater, a T-shirt, or a dress, the options are endless. They're also machine-washable and have flat seams — plus high waisted, 20% spandex makes them stretchy and comfortable all day.

2. The Most Comfortable Fabric

Approx. $15

best leggings for thick thighs and thick calves

 These yoga pants leggings are awesome for gals with curves

They're made from soft cotton, sweat-wicking fabrics — and they’re woven into a buttery, tag-free texture — so these Rest Day yoga Pants are “very soft and comfortable,” according to reviewers. They also skip the athletic-looking seams and have a no front seam center, so they’re easy to incorporate into your everyday outfits. All of that said, the reason they’re on this list is that they’re specifically designed for curves, both in their stretch and their silhouette. Get them in black, charcoal or heather grey.

3. The Best Matching Workout Sets

Approx. $22 to $26

best leggings for thick thighs and curves


Because they're stretchy, breathable, sweat-wicking, and made with no front seam meaning (no camel toe, ever). These are your best option if you're looking for a great matching workout set that supports your curves. They also have an extra-thick high waistband and are squat-proof and compressing to prevent underwear lines. They come in eight colors, including black, grey, mocha, latte, and more.

4. The Best Scrunch Leggings

Approx. $19 to $22

best leggings for thick thighs and curves


If you’re on social media, you’ve likely seen the peachy bunz leggings; these types of leggings use an extra-wide waistband and a center seam to accentuate your butt, and according to reviewers, this pair of scrunch bum leggings are a great option for thicker thighs. The four-way stretch fabric flexes with your body and your movements without becoming see-through, but it’s still breathable, moisture-wicking, and cooling for workouts. They come in over 20 colors tie-dye colors including shades of black, blue, gray, pink and more.

5. The Most Color Options

Approx. $22 to $26

best leggings for thick thighs and curves


Finally, High Waisted Leggings has just the right amount of stretch fabric for thick thighs and big butt. if you want bold colors and eye-catching patterns, these KIWI RATA cheeky leggings offer over 25 different options to choose from. Made of four-way fabric features both polyester and spandex (12%, to be exact), so they're stretchy, opaque, moisture-wicking, and comfortable. 

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