Best Fabrics for Leggings

Too Many Leggings, Too Little Time To Pick?

Leggings have come a long way from being considered lazy attire. Nowadays, they're a fashion must-have for any modern wardrobe. They're not just for the gym anymore. Celebrities confidently wear leggings on the red carpet, and they look fantastic. You can even find leggings designed specifically for work. Trendy, comfortable, and flattering, leggings are incredibly versatile. Just pick the right ones!

Shopping for leggings online can be tough. Sizing varies between stores, and understanding the different fabric options can be confusing. The key to finding the right leggings lies in choosing the fabric that suits your style. If your leggings keep falling down, they may lack elasticity. If they keep ripping, the fabric might not be durable. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Let's start your legging journey with the basics.

Cotton Leggings

Cotton Leggings

Cotton leggings have some great advantages. They are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. However, they do have a couple of drawbacks. First, cotton alone may not hold up well to stretching over time. To address this, cotton leggings with added stretch fibers like spandex are ideal for the gym and daily wear as they retain their shape better. Second, if you tend to sweat a lot, pure cotton leggings may not breathe well because cotton can hold a lot of water. To avoid this issue, look for cotton leggings blended with sweat-wicking fabrics like polyester or opt for dark-colored fabrics to hide sweat marks.

Polyester Leggings

Polyester is a popular choice for activewear leggings due to its water-resistant and sweat-wicking properties. However, it can retain smells easily. To combat this, it's best to choose leggings described as a polyester blend or treated with antimicrobial properties. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of polyester without worrying about unwanted odors.

Wool Leggings

If you’re living somewhere that’s perpetually cold, wool leggings would be absolutely ideal for you. They keep pockets of air trapped, holding in warmth. There are also wool knit leggings available, but they can be pricey.

Spandex Leggings

Indeed, most activewear leggings contain a percentage of spandex (also known as Lycra or elastane). Spandex is prized for its stretchiness, providing a flattering and form-fitting look. However, it's important to note that spandex alone wouldn't be comfortable to wear. It might feel sticky and not very breathable, akin to being hugged by an overly affectionate rubber band. The key is to strike the right balance and blend spandex with other fabrics to achieve both comfort and flexibility in the leggings.

Nylon Leggings

Nylon is an incredibly popular fabric for leggings, and for good reason. It offers numerous advantages, such as exceptional durability, lightweight feel, wrinkle resistance, and easy care. However, one thing to keep in mind is that nylon can sometimes shrink, so it's essential to carefully check the wash and dry care instructions on the leggings you're interested in to maintain their perfect fit.

Nylon-Spandex Leggings

Nylon-Spandex Leggings

Indeed, the combination of durable, lightweight nylon and stretchy, flattering spandex creates the perfect blend of leggings that offer the best of both worlds. They are soft and cozy like cotton for everyday wear, yet they also excel at wicking away sweat during workouts. This hybrid fabric blend brings together performance and style, making nylon-spandex leggings the ultimate choice. For comfort, versatility, and functionality, nylon-spandex leggings are definitely the way to go!

Rest Day Leggings

are crafted with the perfect and highly flattering fabric blend of durable nylon and stretchy spandex. With their high-waisted design and complete squat-proof feature, these leggings are ideal for any activity. Whether you're hitting the gym for squats, cycling to work, indulging in a shopping spree, or simply relaxing on the couch, NKD Rest Day Leggings have got you covered in style and comfort.

So go ahead -- wear leggings every day.

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