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Best Laundry Detergent Sheets Reviews

Discover the Best Laundry Detergent Sheets for Activewear

It's time for a laundry game changer! Wondering which detergent sheets really work? Our experts have reviewed the top seven laundry detergent sheets. They'll share the pros, cons, and essential information.

The Best Laundry Detergent Sheets for Effective Cleaning

In this article, we'll delve into the world of laundry detergents and help you find the 'best laundry detergent sheets' for your laundry needs. Our expert reviews and recommendations will guide you in selecting the right product for spotless and fresh-smelling clothes. Whether you're a frequent traveler or just want a convenient and eco-friendly laundry solution, these top-rated laundry detergent sheets have got you covered.

Top Picks: 


You probably noticed eco-friendly detergent ads on my social media, and with growing awareness of plastic use, I wanted to make a change. I sought an effective eco-friendly detergent option for a safer choice for my family. Laundry detergent sheets caught my eye as a convenient and eco-friendly solution. To simplify laundry and reduce frustration, I decided to test the best ones on the market to find the perfect fit for my family's needs.

Eventually, I landed on ten of the best laundry detergent sheets on the market, each of which I evaluated based on cleaning power, cost, convenience, and environmental impact. While the best of the bunch—HeySunday—was relatively clear but expensive, I’m convinced that most of the sheets on this list would be a better investment than traditional liquid detergent.

Top 10 Best Laundry Detergent Sheets

Laundry detergent sheets may be a new product, but there are already dozens of different brands and types available online and in stores. With such a new type of cleaning product, however, it’s essential to do your research before trusting a brand with your hard-earned money.

After researching, testing, and comparing the top products, here are our choices for the top 10 laundry detergent sheets that stand out above the rest.  

1. HeySunday

HeySunday excels in both customer satisfaction and environmental impact. They provide effective, affordable, and safe eco-friendly products.

HeySunday's detergent sheets are cruelty-free, biodegradable, and mostly plant-based. They are third-party tested to ensure they're free of harmful substances like phosphates, phthalates, 1,4 dioxane, bleaches, and dyes. This extra step gives peace of mind as it's independently verified.

Their formula uses seven potent, plant-based surfactants and protease to tackle stains and odors. Clothes come out clean, soft, and pleasantly fresh. They offer unscented sheets for those sensitive to fragrances.

A single pack of HeySunday sheets costs $20 for 60 sheets, but subscribing brings the cost down to $14 per pack or $0.23 per medium load. HeySunday offers a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers and provides free shipping on all orders. Subscriptions are flexible and can be canceled anytime.


  • 7-surfactant formula for a complete clean

  • Cruelty-free and made from plant-based ingredients

  • Safe to use for colors and whites and in all washing machines

  • Full money-back guarantee

  • Subscription discount

  • Scented and unscented options available


  • Only available online

  • Runs out of stock quickly due to demand 

Bottom Line:

Among the various laundry detergent brands available, HeySunday stands out as my top choice. What impressed me the most were its third-party testing, efficient yet safe formula, eco-friendly advantages, significant subscription savings, and complimentary shipping.

2. Tru Earth Strips Alternatives

Tru Earth Strips

Tru Earth Strips Alternatives offers numerous benefits, with its primary advantage being its commitment to environmental and social causes. Tru Earth's zero waste and plastic-free approach, use of plant-based ingredients, and cruelty-free sheets make it a noteworthy example in the laundry detergent strip market.

However, its cleaning power has room for improvement. While it provides decent cleaning with no harm to clothing, there's still potential for enhancement. It's also a slightly higher investment.

Tru Earth offers laundry sheets in various bundle sizes, including 60, 120, or 240 sheets. The standard 60-sheet pack costs $7.95, which amounts to $0.9 per load.


  • Most affordable and environmentally-friendly

  • Scented and unscented varieties available

  • Plant-based and cruelty-free

  • Zero waste and plastic-free


  • Only available online

  • Doesn’t offer a discount for subscribing

Bottom Line:

Tru Earth Strips, Alternative is a commendable eco-friendly company that champions environmental and social causes. It stands out as a highly cost-effective cleaning product, offering affordability compared to other laundry detergent sheets.


3. Sheets Laundry Club

Sheets Laundry Club offers plastic-free, eco-friendly solutions for the kitchen, self-care, and laundry. Their products feature fully recyclable packaging and are free of plastic and harmful chemicals.

Among the products I tested, Sheets Laundry Club's detergent sheets proved highly versatile. They work well with various fabrics, including cotton, linens, blends, and durable synthetics. These sheets can be used in hot or cold water, hard or soft water, and with high-efficiency washing machines.

In terms of performance, Sheets Laundry Club excelled in cleaning whites and muted colors but had limitations with brightly colored clothing. Some bright colors appeared duller after washing.

This product is available in packs of 50, 200, or 400 sheets in Fresh Linen or Free & Clear (unscented). A box of 50 sheets costs $19.99, which is equivalent to $0.39 per wash. Subscribing on their website offers a 25% discount.


  • Free of plastic and toxic chemicals

  • Cost-effective

  • Allows bulk orders

  • No overpowering scents


  • May dull brightly colored clothing

Bottom Line:

Sheets Laundry Club offers an eco-friendly and budget-friendly product that is free from plastic and harmful chemicals. However, customers should be aware that it might affect the vibrancy of brightly colored clothing when used.

4. Grove Co. Laundry

Grove Co. Laundry's detergent strips are a savior for those who frequently spill coffee or deal with messy eaters like my twins. These strips are equipped with a potent stain-removing powder that works wonders on makeup, juice, pasta stains, and even red salsa. However, they struggled to tackle grass stains, which are a common issue in our household.

Similar to other products on my list, Grove Co. Laundry's detergent strips are biodegradable, certified cruelty-free, and composed of plant-based ingredients. They are free from harsh chemicals, dyes, and brighteners, and they use recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

When we ordered, a single package of 32 sheets cost $12.99, translating to $0.41 per wash (shipping not included). Grove Co. offers a VIP program, but it was unclear from their website if this subscription offers discounts on regular detergent sheet orders.

For those who prefer variety, Grove Co. Laundry provides a range of scent options, including Lavender Blossom & Thyme, Free & Clear, and other limited-edition fragrances.


  • Solid stain-removing formula

  • Biodegradable, cruelty-free, made from plant-based ingredients

  • Recyclable with a low carbon and water footprint


  • Expensive at $.41 per wash.

  • Shipping is only free with your first order.

  • Ineffective at removing grass stains

  • Doesn’t offer a discount for subscribing.

Bottom Line:

Grove Co. Laundry strips are a fantastic choice for tackling tough stains, especially for messy eaters. However, if you're into gardening, outdoor activities, or have active kids, you might want to consider a different product since these strips struggle with stubborn grass stains.

5. Eco-Living Club

Eco-Living Club's sheets are designed for individuals with sensitive skin, boasting dermatologist testing and hypoallergenic certifications, which I greatly appreciate. These sheets are compatible with both standard and high-efficiency machines, and they can be used for handwashing as well. They're also free from harsh chemicals like phosphates, bleach, and brighteners.

An interesting feature is that Eco-Living Club suggests using only half of each sheet for regular laundry loads. Customers can tear along the perforated line and place half a sheet in their washers. If you have a larger load, use a full sheet. I found these sheets work best for mildly soiled clothing.

Eco-Living Club offers sheet packs in various sizes, including 40, 160, 240, and 400 loads. A 40-load package costs $16.99, which is $0.42 per load. Subscribing saves customers 20%. However, it's worth noting that Eco-Living Club charges a flat $11 shipping fee for all US orders, making this brand relatively expensive. If not for the shipping cost, I would have ranked it higher, as I'm searching for the most cost-effective and efficient options.


  • Bulk options available

  • Certified hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested

  • Scented and unscented options are available

  • Cruelty-free, biodegradable, and made from plant-based ingredients


  • $11 in shipping on every order! 

  • Carbon-neutral shipping is only available in Canada.

  • Struggled with more heavily soiled clothing.

6. Beyond Laundry

Beyond Laundry's detergent sheets are a USDA-certified bio-based product, and they're both cruelty-free and vegan. They are a solid choice for those dealing with messy eaters. In my tests, these sheets effectively removed gravy, coffee, and egg stains from fabric. However, they struggled with makeup and pasta sauce stains.

At first glance, Beyond Laundry may seem like one of the most affordable detergent sheets on the market at $8.99 per envelope. But upon closer examination, you'll find that Beyond Laundry provides only 32 loads per envelope, amounting to $0.28 per load. Even their bulk option comes in slightly more expensive at $0.25 per load compared to other brands. Additionally, it often required multiple sheets to tackle heavier stains, which may not be practical for families like mine.


  • USDA-Certified, bio-based product

  • Vegan and cruelty-free

  • Provides thorough information and instructions

  • Scented and unscented options available


  • I had to use multiple strips to remove stains on more soiled items.

  • Unclear whether the brand is third-party tested for their free of claims. 

  • Didn’t love the scent of their Fresh Linen sheets. 

  • Struggled with removing sweat odors.

Bottom Line:

Beyond Laundry's USDA-certified product is a cruelty-free and vegan option, conveniently packaged in an easy-to-store envelope with informative details. While it may come with a slightly higher price tag due to the need for multiple sheets to tackle tougher stains, it could still be the right choice for some.


7. Kind Laundry

Kind Laundry's sheets consist of five plant-based ingredients but lack stain-fighting enzymes, which are crucial for tackling tough stains. While these sheets performed well with colored laundry, they fell short when washing whites.

A single box of 60 sheets is priced at $19.95, making it $0.33 per wash, which is slightly cheaper than some other brands for one-time purchases. However, when you factor in the $5 shipping fee, the overall cost comes to almost $25, equating to $0.42 per wash.

Kind Laundry offers a 15% subscription discount, and subscribers benefit from free shipping. Bulk options are available, but the bulk discount is only 10% off for 3 boxes, bringing the overall price per wash to $0.30.


  • Plant-based ingredients and zero-waste packaging

  • Customers can purchase the product in bulk

  • Scented and unscented options available

  • Pleasant smell


  • Free shipping only offered to subscribers

  • Bulk discount is only 10% off.

  • Not as effective at washing whites.

  • Scent did not last long on clothing.

Bottom Line:

Kind Laundry provides an eco-friendly, plant-based product with zero-waste packaging. However, it's important to note that free shipping is exclusive to subscribers, and subscriptions are still relatively expensive at $16.96 per order.

8. Good Ju

Good Juju's hypoallergenic detergent sheets are designed for those with skin sensitivities, much like Eco-Living Club. Despite their skin-friendly formula, our tests demonstrated that these sheets effectively cleaned both whites and colors, and they excelled at removing food, drink, and sweat stains. Good Juju's product is free from parabens, phosphates, dyes, and bleach, and it's both vegan and cruelty-free.

While these detergent sheets worked well for my family, I encountered an issue with them clumping together in their packaging, making it challenging to separate them. In some cases, I had to discard sheets because they tore when I attempted to separate them.

A one-time purchase of 36 strips is priced at $14.99, translating to $0.42 per wash. Subscribing to this product offers a 15% discount. Good Juju's laundry strips are available in scents like Summer Rain, Lavender Bloom, and Unscented.


  • Hypoallergenic

  • Solid stain-remover

  • Thoughtful well-designed packaging

  • Offer unique scents like Lavender Bloom and Summer Rain


  • Only has 36 loads per envelope. 

  • No bulk options offered

  • The brand doesn’t advertise whether it’s third-party tested for it’s free of claims

  • Summer Rain scent might be overly aromatic for some

  • Some customers complained that the sheets didn’t always dissolve

Bottom Line:

Good Juju provides hypoallergenic laundry sheets that not only cater to sensitive skin but also serve as effective stain removers. An additional bonus is that this woman-owned BIPOC brand delivers its sheets in beautifully decorated packaging.


9. ZeroWasteStore

ZeroWasteStore's website goes beyond laundry detergent sheets by offering stain remover bars, multi-use home cleaning powder, eco-friendly hangers, and other zero-waste essentials.

Despite my initial excitement about the wide range of eco-friendly products, this particular product didn't work for my family. While their box packaging might be considered more convenient than an envelope, this brand didn't effectively handle our stains and left our laundry with little to no fragrance.

A single package of 60 sheets is priced at $19.99, which amounts to $0.33 per wash. Subscribing for regular orders saves customers 30%, but free shipping is only available for orders over $50.


  • Vegan, cruelty-free, and biodegradable

  • Climate-neutral certified

  • Convenient box packaging keeps sheets protected.


  • Unclear instructions can lead to varied results.

  • Scent was not strong enough. 

  • Clothes did not feel fresh out of the wash.

  • Free shipping only on orders over $50 even for subscriptions.

Bottom Line:

ZeroWasteStore offers similar benefits to other detergent sheets but falls short due to the additional cost of shipping and its effectiveness in stain removal. However, if you plan to order other zero-waste products from the site simultaneously and have minimal stains to tackle, these sheets might still be a worthwhile investment.

10. EcoRoots

EcoRoots is a company committed to providing products free of parabens, phthalates, phosphates, brighteners, synthetic fragrances, and harsh chemicals. Their detergent sheets are hypoallergenic and biodegradable, rooted in plant-based ingredients.

I found that EcoRoots lacked the cleaning strength required to meet my family's laundry needs, and it left behind some residue in the wash. It did work well for spot treatments, but overall, it wasn't the right fit for me and my family. On the bright side, their sheets had a pleasant scent, and although they weren't as effective against tough stains, they left a nice fragrance on our laundry.

A one-time purchase of EcoRoots strips is priced at $19.19, equivalent to $0.30 per wash. Subscribing for repeat orders provides a 15% discount. However, it's important to note that customers need to consider shipping costs, as the company doesn't currently offer free shipping on any orders.


  • Plant-based, biodegradable, and free of harsh chemicals

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Scented and unscented varieties available

  • Fresh scent was very pleasant and not overpowering. 


  • Did not clean as advertised.

  • Only save 15% if you subscribe

  • Free shipping only on orders over $50. 

  • No money-back guarantee

  • The brand doesn’t advertise whether it’s third-party tested for it’s free of claims

Bottom Line:

EcoRoots may not provide free shipping or a money-back guarantee, but it offers a hypoallergenic, biodegradable product made from plant-based ingredients. Moreover, their straightforward instructions ensure hassle-free washing.


Laundry Detergent Sheets testing out each option from this top 10 list

When evaluating laundry detergent sheets

I considered several key factors:

Cleaning Performance

I tested each product in various cleaning situations, from odors to set-in stains, to ensure they effectively clean your clothes.


It's crucial that detergent sheets fully dissolve, leaving no residue on clothes or in the washing machine.


Laundry detergent sheets are cost-competitive with liquid alternatives. I looked at the pricing and considered affordability.

Clear Instructions

Clear and simple usage instructions are vital to make your laundry routine easier.

Why Switch to Laundry Detergent Sheets?

Detergent sheets provide effective cleaning, are mess-free, easy to store, and eco-friendly. They reduce carbon emissions and plastic waste, making them a green choice.

Key Considerations When Buying Laundry Detergent Sheets:


Look for products with surfactants and stain-fighting enzymes like sulfate or sulfonate and enzymes such as amylase, lipase, and protease.


Consider your scent preferences and check reviews for overpowering scents or odor-removing capabilities.

Fabric Type

Ensure the product suits your most frequently worn fabrics.


A laundry sheet must clean effectively without damaging clothing.

Environmental Impact

Opt for brands prioritizing green standards in ingredients, packaging, and manufacturing.


Check the cost per wash and explore subscription discounts and guarantees.

Benefits of Using Laundry Detergent Sheets:

Water Conservation

Detergent sheets save water by requiring less for each load.

Reduced Waste

They use recyclable, plastic-free packaging and reduce the carbon footprint.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Many are free of harsh chemicals, making them gentle on sensitive skin.


They are easy to use, compact, and suitable for small spaces.


Ideal for travel, as they are compact and liquid-free.

Consistent Results

Pre-measured doses lead to consistent cleaning outcomes.


Some sheets contain stain removers or fabric softeners.

Reduce Static Cling

Fabric softeners in some sheets help reduce static cling.

In summary, laundry detergent sheets are a convenient, eco-friendly, and effective alternative to liquid detergents. They provide a host of benefits and are worth trying for a greener, more convenient laundry routine.

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