Skims Dupes Cheaper Than the Original -

Skims Dupes Cheaper Than the Original

Skims Dupes Cheaper Than the Original

Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims managed to turn shapewear into something people actually want to wear. It goes far beyond waist- and thigh-slimming panties, as their line feels more like stylish athleisure. From the iconic bodysuits to the cozy loungewear, Skims has something for everyone. The only bummer is that none of it’s cheap. And it’s almost always sold out. So we dug into some of the best Skims dupes that look just like the original.

I managed to find a few Skims dupes for loungewear, shapewear, and bodysuits. You can find these on Amazon, Target, and even H&M. And the best part? Some of them cost 50 – 70% less than the original Skims prices. In fact, a lot of them live in the $30 dollar range.

1. Brabic Bodysuit Shapewear


A Brabic Bodysuit Shapewear bodysuit on a white background next to a model wearing one.


The Brabic Bodysuit Shapewear ($17.99, Amazon) is a dupe for the extremely popular Skims Sculpting Bodysuit with Snaps ($62). The Amazon option costs just under $20, for a savings of about $40. I also like that this option is almost always in stock, whereas the Skims bodysuit is frequently sold out in all sizes.


2. AnotherChill Lounge Slip Long Dress


A model wearing a AnotherChill Lounge Slip Long Dress next to two of the dresses in different colors on mannequins a white background.


If you’ve been eyeing the Skims Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress, priced at $78, take a look at this AnotherChill Lounge Slip Long Dress ($26.99, Amazon). It’s almost identical to the Skims version, and you’ll save about $50. The Amazon option comes in more colors and is readily available compared to the Skims dress.


3. H&M Sport Crop Top


An H&M model wearing a Sports Crop top from H&M on a neutral background.


The Skims Vintage Super Cropped T-shirt, priced at $48, is a favorite. Personally, I think we can do better than that for a plain T-shirt. In comparison, this H&M Sports Crop Top is only $12.99, for a savings of about $35. While the H&M shirt only comes in black, it’s fitted, cropped, and comfortable.

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4. Ekaliy Workout Set


A model wearing a Ekaliy Workout Set showing the front and back on a white background.


This Ekaliy Workout Set ($28, Amazon) comes with a ribbed bra top and matching boxer shorts. In comparison, the pieces in the original Skims set are sold separately. Their Cotton Plunge Bralette costs $38, and the Cotton Rib Boxer is $32. Altogether that comes out to $70. That means you’re saving more than 50% with the dupe.


5. FeelinGirl Shapewear


A model wearing FeelinGirl Shapewear showing the front and side on a white background.


While the Skims Sculpting Bodysuit Mid Thigh runs you at least $68, the FeelinGirl Shapewear, which is almost identical, is a cheaper option at about $50. I like that it’s made of a soft, lightweight material that offers comfort and moderate compression. It also lifts your butt and slims your thighs — and it saves you $18.


6. Fixmatti Fuzzy 3-Piece Sweatsuit


A model wearing three different color options of the Fixmatti Fuzzy 3-Piece Sweatsuit on a white background.


The cozy collection from Skims is a customer favorite because it’s super soft, warm, and comfortable — but it’s pricey. To get the full Skims set, you would need to purchase the Cozy Knit Pant ($88), the Cozy Knit Tank ($58), and the Cozy Knit Short Robe ($108). That comes out to a total of $255. Yikes! Compare that to even the most expensive option of the Fixmatti Fuxxy 3-Piece Sweatsuit ($51.99, Amazon). Prices vary by color, but you can get a set for as low as $29.99.


7. ReoRia Sleeveless Racer Back Bodysuit


A model wearing two different color options of the ReoRia Sleeveless Racer Back Bodysuit on a white background.


The ReoRia Sleeveless Racer Back Bodysuit starts at just $19.99 on Amazon and has over 25,000 positive reviews. I think it’s a pretty obvious dupe for the Skims Fits Everybody High Neck Bodysuit which costs $58. The Amazon choice also comes in more colors, which is a bonus.


8. Mango Pop Short-Sleeve Bodysuit


A model wearing a Mango Pop Short Sleeve Bodysuit with and without jeans on against a white background.


Another great bodysuit dupe is this Mango Pop Short-Sleeve Bodysuit ($19.98, Amazon). It comes in a ton of different colors, saving you roughly $50 when you compare it to the $72 Skims Essential T-shirt Bodysuit.


9. Maidenform Self Expression Wear Your Own Bra Bodysuit


Target models wearing Maidenform Self Expression Wear Your Own Bra Bodysuits showing the front and back in beige and black.


This Maidenform Self Expression Bodysuit ($28.99, Target) is a convenient shapewear option that mimics the Skims Open Bust Bodysuit ($68). I also like that the Maidenform piece is usually in stock, and it’ll save you nearly $40.


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