Best Activewear Dupes on a Budget (of course, free shipping) -

Best Activewear Dupes on a Budget (of course, free shipping)

Best Activewear Dupes on a Budget (of course, free shipping)

Dupe of NVGTN's, alphalete athletics & lululemon alternatives.

As someone who lives and breathes in activewear, I’ve tried everything — from the pricey brands to the cheaper sides that claim to feel just the same. These are the items I have personally found to be as close as you will get to the originals.

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Best Lululemon alternatives

Lululemon (@lululemon) Leggings ($98) VS. LULU NKD LEGGINGS ($19.95) 

These leggings from GymDeity looks and feels exactly like the Lululemon Align leggings that every girl is so obsessed with. It’s 1/4th of the price but does the same exact job as the more expensive brand for your workout or lounging needs. 


 Lululemon (@lululemon) Shorts ($58) VS LULU NKD SHORTS ($15.95) 

Alphalete (@Alphalete) Leggings ($76) VS.


Obsessed with alphalete amplify leggings but don't want to break the bank. The infamous amplify legging dupes for alphalete have arrived!

For the price, these are so good to try if you don’t feel like splurging on a pair of Alphalete leggings. These dupes for alphalete leggings and shorts are completely squat proof, and I haven’t noticed any sweat marks showing through. The tummy control they give is also amazing.

Alphalete (@Alphalete) Shorts ($52) VS.


Find dupes for Alphalete Women's shorts at up to 70% off. Gymdeity makes shopping fun, affordable & easy!

NVTGN Dupes + Free shipping!

Navigation (@nvgtn) Leggings ($58) VS. BOOTY GAINZ LEGGINGS ($22) 

Besides the logo, you would never know that these weren’t navigation leggings.  They are just as buttery soft as the Contour Seamless Leggings, and the color selection they offer is almost identical. My mom’s friend saw me wearing the Amazon dupe one day, and said that they were her favorite Nvgtn leggings — even she thought these were the real deal!

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Affordable Alternatives To NVGTN Leggings & Shorts

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As we all know, NVGTN leggings have been blowing up on TikTok because of their contour lines that accentuate all the right places. They have the widest selection of colors, but almost $60 plus shipping for one pair of leggings is a little too much for some taste. These leggings from Gymdeity have the same variety of colors for half the price and some WAY LESS!

 Best Affordable NVGTN Dupes

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The dupes for NVGTN leggings and shorts are super soft and comfortable. you'll want to wear them nearly every single time you work out. Not to mention that around $60 for a pair of shorts is absolute insanity, and these cheaper alternatives provide an even wider collection of colors to choose from.

Add these to your wardrobe ASAP.

If you’re a recent gym-goer or even just a typical gym junkie, these dupes will help spice up your wardrobe so you can look your best while feeling your best. 

Lastly, this article isn't trying to prevent you from being original as you want to be. If you wanna splurge on the on the originals, PLEASE DO SO!!!

Who doesn't love an occasional NVGT or Lululemon spree, but for those looking Inexpensive but high-quality dupe versions will put your shopping addiction at ease — for now. Your bank account will thank you, trust me.

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