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Top 3 Affordable Activewear Brands

Top 3 Affordable Activewear Brands

Discover the top 3 cheap activewear brands you need!

CRZ Yoga on Amazon

Okay, listen up! Back in the day, they called me Best Dressed in my class. But now, I'm all about that comfy and affordable activewear. If you hit the gym 5-6 days a week, doing weightlifting and cardio circuits.  And let me tell you, rocking a stylish gym outfit is my secret weapon for staying motivated.. But not everyone can afford Lululemon. So, I've done the work and found the top 3 affordable activewear brands just for you. Let's reach our fitness goals while looking absolutely fabulous! I'll discuss pricing, fit and sizing, sweat and squat-proofness, and more. These are my personal experiences, not sponsored content.

CRZ Yoga on Amazon

I found CRZ Yoga on Amazon a year ago. Most items are under $40, and the 2-day Prime shipping is unbeatable. My CRZ Yoga collection is about to surpass my Lululemon collection, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Many CRZ Yoga pieces look like Lululemon but cost much less. My favorites are the Free Feeling Strappy Long Line sports bra ($24, size M), Feathery Fit Running Shorts 4" ($24, size M), Naked Feeling Legging 25" ($34, size S), and Pima Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt ($24, size S).

Based on my experience, the shorts and leggings fit true to size, but the sports bras run a bit small, so if you have a muscular build, consider going up a size. The leggings are fully squat-proof and not see-through, even in lighter colors. However, lighter colors might show sweat a bit. CRZ Yoga regularly adds new styles, colors, and restocks sizes. Check their official website for availability. 

crz yoga leggings amazon

Yogalicious Leggings with Pockets

Yogalicious is an affordable brand found on Amazon. Most of their items are under $30 and incredibly soft! The leggings I bought usually run a bit large, so I suggest sizing down. I always go for XS with Yogalicious. My favorite pick is the High Waist Ultra-Soft 7/8 length leggings with pockets ($25).

The Yogalicious leggings with pockets have a buttery texture, unlike the slick feel of CRZ Yoga leggings. They are squat-proof and perfect for both strength and cardio workouts. While darker colors are sweatproof, lighter colors may reveal sweat. If that's a concern, choose darker shades. I adore the convenience of pockets in Yogalicious leggings for carrying my phone, keys, or AirPods case during workouts. You can order directly from their website, but the 2-day free shipping with Amazon Prime!

Yogalicious Leggings with Pockets

GymDeity NKD Free Leggings

Let me introduce you to the amazing GymDeity NKD leggings, which I honestly believe are on par with Lululemon type brands. These leggings are incredibly soft, even softer than any others I've tried. The waistband is tapered and gives you that coveted snatched waist look. They fit true to size, and the length hits just above the belly button for someone who is 5'6". These leggings are squat-proof and not see-through. Personally, I haven't experienced any sweat showing on them. The more you wear them, the more they conform to your body shape, which I absolutely love. Now, let's discuss the price.

The NKD free leggings are priced at $21, but here's a little secret: when you use the discount code "FREE" at checkout, the price becomes zero. Yes, your first pair is absolutely free. Just keep in mind that there's a shipping and handling fee of $9.95, and shipping usually takes about 5-8 days, depending on your location. I hope this information helps all the budget-conscious gym enthusiasts who want to look fabulous while working out! 

Happy shopping, happy saving!

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