becoming a fitness influencer on instagram

How to Become a Fitness Influencer (INSTANT RESULTS)

 How to Be a Fitness Influencer (INSTANT RESULTS)

It's time to take your fitness social media account to the next level. Follow these tips to create an amazing fitness account that attracts loads of followers.

becoming a fitness influencer on instagram

Here’s an overview of how to become a fitness influencer on Instagram or any other social platform…

  1. Pick a niche
  2. Build your audience
  3. Find your following
  4. Be consistent
  5. Keep growing and track results

Social media activewear brands go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Given that social media is such a visual platform, it makes perfect sense why it is the ideal place for fitness apparel brands to advertise their clothing lines. Of course, fitness brands love Instagram, Tiktok ,YouTube ect because there are thousands of fitness enthusiasts out there willing to represent these companies as brand ambassadors.

Through social media, people big into fitness and bodybuilding can receive free workout clothing, have a side income (or even both) by simply promoting the fitness brand they are affiliated with and modeling the clothing lines.

Needless to say, this is a pretty sweet gig. However, finding fitness brands that are actually willing to work with you when you don’t have millions and millions of followers can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many companies that are actively seeking brand ambassadors, even if they don’t have the largest following in the world.

Before you follow their instructions to become a brand ambassador or Influencer and get started on the the application process to collaborate with brands and sponsor content for them make sure your social media is public, not private. 

1. Pick your niche within fitness

The fitness space already has many influencers, so you need to decide what your niche and message are. Narrowing it down and focusing on a very specific topic can be helpful to start; for example, if you’re into CrossFit, perhaps focusing on great warm-up and cool-down practices for a hardcore workout is a place to start. Or, if yoga is your jam, choose a specific angle — such as yoga for back pain relief or yoga for busy parents.

Although it might seem counterintuitive to focus on a smaller niche, this is actually a good way to build your voice as a trusted influencer. As your following grows, you can expand the reach of your topics — but remember not to stray too far from your original messaging, as you could lose the followers you gained in the beginning. 

2. Build your audience and credibility

If you’re going to give fitness advice, you should be trained in the specific niche you chose or at least have basics fitness education about things you talk about. You should know how to safely work out so that your followers get correct tips on form and movements. The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers accreditation programs and even has continued education made specifically for social media influencers, but there are other ways to become trained in fitness.

3.Find your following

If you’re serious about becoming a fitness influencer, you’ll need to treat it like a business — and every business needs customers. For influencers, that “customer base” is built through social media posts, which means you’ll have to find ways to engage your current followers and attract new ones. A great way to engage followers is by asking questions, running polls, and listening to what they want. Treat them like friends, not like just another number that’s following you. As you show them your personality and engage with them in a way that feels natural, you’ll earn their trust and they’ll begin feeling as if they know you.

While being an influencer is about numbers, remember that not all influencers need to have thousands of followers. Starting out as a Nano influencer with 1,000 followers can be effective because you have a niche following. Oftentimes that means your following will be more engaged, which is more attractive to brands than someone who has thousands of followers that are scrolling past his or her posts. 

4. Be consistent

Once you know who you’re targeting, create a social media plan to post consistently. Being authentic, friendly, and knowledgeable is all part of an influencer business plan, but if you’re not posting consistently, it’s going to be difficult to build engagement or get sponsors and partnerships.

Knowing how often to post can be a learning curve and it often requires a bit of testing and fine-tuning to find what works best for you. Posting too frequently can cause followers to feel like they’re being spammed, but not posting enough can result in them losing interest. According to Hootsuite, the sweet spot for posting on social media is:

Instagram: 3-7 times weekly
Facebook: 1-2 times daily
Twitter: 1-5 tweets daily
LinkedIn: 1-5 times daily

Additionally, Audiosocket advises that YouTubers post about once a week, but it recommends posting on TikTok up to three times a day while you’re building your following. After that, you can go to one to two posts a day. Watch how your followers react to any changes in frequency and then adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

5. Keep growing and track results

By this, we aren’t just talking about your numbers. To grow as a fitness influencer, you’ll need to stay on top of what’s happening in your space and be able to share new tips, techniques, or even the latest research as it relates to your following. This keeps your posts from feeling stale and gives your followers a good reason to come back, learn something, and hopefully share it with their friends and family. 

There’s an added bonus for doing this: The more your following views you as a trusted authority, the more likely they are to buy products you recommend, so that will make you even more attractive to brands that are looking to partner with fitness influencers.

Brand Ambassador vs Influencer: What is the Difference?

Instagram fitness influencers female

Fitness Influencers:

A fitness influencer promotes an active and healthy lifestyle on any given social media platform by offering their followers advice and support, or just by being motivational.

Instagram fitness influencers female

Brand Ambassadors:

A brand ambassador is a person who represents and advertises a company, supports its offers and acts as the embodiment of the company's in order to bring its products, messaging, and brand image to the community. 

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How to apply to the ambassador program

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