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Ways to Grow your Activewear Brand

Ways to Grow Your Activewear Brand - Like Alphalete Athletics

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The article discusses the success of Alphalete Leggings and how they have grown into a multi-million dollar apparel brand in the highly competitive fitness apparel industry. The key growth tactics outlined in the article are:

1. Document the Journey

Alphalete's founder, Christian Guzman, began by documenting every aspect of the brand's growth through vlogs, giving potential customers insight into the brand's journey and building trust.

2. Launch-Based Ecommerce

Alphalete shifted from a traditional e-commerce model to a launch-based model, where they release new products periodically, creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

3. FOMO-Based Marketing

They leverage the fear of missing out (FOMO) in their marketing, making low stock seem exclusive, which eliminates the need for constant sales and discount codes.

4. Authenticity with the Tribe

Alphalete prides itself on never launching the same product twice, constantly modifying and improving products based on customer feedback. This authenticity encourages repeat purchases.

5. Create Quality Content

Alphalete invests in extensive content, including professional photoshoots, motivational videos, workout videos, and detailed sizing guides, which engage their audience and address challenges like sizing for online fitness apparel.

6. Go Big with Influencers

Influencer marketing has played a significant role in Alphalete's success. They work with a diverse group of influencers with global reach, individual styles, and high engagement. Influencers are encouraged to be sincere and honest in their product reviews.

7. Using Influencers to Open New Markets

Alphalete expanded its female influencer team, which significantly increased engagement with female audiences and diversified the brand's demographic.

8. Real, In-Person Experiences

Alphalete focuses on building a community and customer interaction by organizing in-person experiences, including meet-ups and sponsored events, to strengthen brand loyalty.

9. Alphalete Gym

The Alphalete Gym in Texas is an essential part of the brand's community-building strategy, offering members discounts on Alphalete products and exclusive merchandise.

10. Overseas Manufacturer

Alphalete collaborates with trusted overseas suppliers and manufacturers to provide customization options and services that cater to the customer's needs.


The success of Alphalete is attributed to its authenticity, quality production, and strong customer interaction. These principles can be applied to various e-commerce brands to achieve success in a saturated market.

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