What Are Air Squats (Bodyweight Squat)?

What Are Air Squats (Bodyweight Squat)?

What Are Air Squats? Exercises, Benefits, and More!

If you're looking for a quick and easy workout that you can do anytime, anywhere, then air squats are the way to go.

what are air squats

So, what exactly are air squats? Basically, you squat down as low as you can go and then stand back up, using only your bodyweight. This exercise mainly targets your lower body muscles, including your quads, hamstrings, and yes, your glutes. It also engages your core and helps improve your balance and stability.

What is an air squat?

To perform an air squat, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed slightly outward. Keep your chest up and your eyes straight ahead. Then, lower your body down by bending your knees and pushing your hips back, like you're sitting down on a chair. Go as low as you can while maintaining proper form, then push through your heels and stand back up, squeezing your glutes at the top. Repeat for as many reps as you can handle.

How to do an air squat:

Maintain a shoulder wide spread with your feet pointed straight front.

Your hips will move down and back when you squat.

Maintain your lumbar curve, and keep your heels flat on the floor the entire time.

Use proper form and safety:

When doing air squats, as with any workout, you should always maintain good form in order to enjoy the full benefits and avoid injury. This means first stretching and warming up. This is important even if you're just doing squats.

Your knees should not extend past your toes.
Your back should not curve.
You should not lean forward with your shoulders. Your lower body should be the only section of your body that moves.
Maintain your focus on the wall ahead of you. This will help you maintain your chest elevated.

    what are air squats

    The great thing about air squats is that they're super versatile. You can do them at different intensities, from slow and controlled to fast and explosive. You can also add variations to make the exercise more challenging, like jump squats or pistol squats, or even add weights with dumbbells or a barbell.

    But air squats aren't just about building lower body strength and endurance. They can also help improve your posture, flexibility, and reduce your risk of injury by strengthening the muscles that support your joints. Plus, they burn a ton of calories, making them great for weight loss too.

    Remember, when you're starting out with air squats, take it slow and focus on proper form to reduce your risk of injury. Start with a few sets of 10-12 reps and gradually increase as you get stronger.

    So, there you have, folks. Air squats are a quick, easy, and effective exercise. They can be done anywhere and require no equipment. Add them to your workouts and see the benefits for yourself!

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