Affordable Alternatives To NVGTN

Affordable Alternatives To NVGTN

Affordable Alternatives To NVGTN.

Are you looking for the best brands like NVGTN for activewear?

NVGTN is a brand best known for selling flattering, high-waisted, seamless workout leggings. Their leggings became super popular because of the way that they add shape and definition to your body while wearing them. 

NVGTN leggings are recognizable by the glute-enhancing contour detailing on them. In addition to leggings, NVGTN sells other activewear like sports bras, tops, and shorts. 

If you’re looking for comfortable yet cute activewear, NVGTN clothing is known for having a seamless fit and being squat-proof, making their pieces great to wear to the gym or other workout activities.

What Is NVGTN?

This popular brand was founded by Ashleigh Jordan, a fitness influencer with more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram. It is one of the most popular and successful Instagram fitness clothing brands.

After growing a sizable online audience, she and her husband launched the NVGTN brand. One thing that makes NVGTN different from other activewear brands is that they operate on a launch schedule with new launches occurring every couple of months.

If a launch isn’t currently happening, you can sign up for their email list to be notified when the next product drop will be happening.

Their leggings are in the $50 range, with shorts and tops being in the $30 range.

Are you looking for more options similar to NVGTN fitness clothing? These are the best brands similar to NVGTN for workout leggings and other activewear.

 Where To Buy Nvgtn Leggings Alternatives


One of the biggest NVGTN competitors is Gymshark. This activewear brand was founded in the UK and is known for its high-performance gym clothing.

If you are looking for durable, comfortable workout leggings, Gymshark has a large selection to choose from. They also have other activewear like gym shorts, sports bras, and tops. 

This is a brand that’s at a similar price point to NVGTN. 


If you’re looking for NVGTN legging alternatives, GymDeity has some of the best options. These leggings look very similar to NVGTN’s signature workout leggings, with crescent-shaped accents and a seamless, high-waisted style.

These are also some of the most affordable alternatives to NVGTN out there, coming in at under $20. Despite the cheap price, these leggings get glowing reviews from customers.


Fabletics is different from other brands on this list in that they operate on a membership model. However, if you wear a lot of activewear, this can be a good deal. 

With the Fabletics VIP membership, you will pay $59.95 per month and receive one monthly credit which can be redeemed for an outfit that costs up to $100. You’ll also receive 25% to 50% off everything else sitewide, and get free shipping on all your orders.

Fabletics has a huge selection of cute leggings, which are all body-sculpting and non-see-through, making them perfect for the gym.

Peachy Bunz

If you’re looking for affordable leggings like NVGTN, you can find them with the brand Peachy Bunz on Amazon. These leggings are about half the price of NVGTN leggings, but of similar quality and they receive great reviews.

These look almost identical to NVGTN leggings, which have a contour accent on the sides and bottom.

Additionally, these leggings come in many different color and pattern options, including camo, which is one of NVGTN’s most popular patterns.


Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is known for its high-quality, high-performance yoga clothing and other activewear. They have great leggings, matching sets, and workout tops, but their clothing is on the pricier end.

A pair of Alo Yoga leggings will set you back at least $100, for example, although many people swear by the quality and insist it’s worth the splurge.

If you want to save on Alo Yoga leggings and other apparel, they have a good sale section you can browse online.


Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is an active lifestyle brand with a great selection of comfortable, stylish activewear like leggings, sports bras, and their popular Exercise Dress.

This is another brand that is on the more expensive side, with many pieces over $100, but their versatile clothing is designed to be durable and sustainable.



One of the best brands like NVGTN is ASOS, specifically their activewear selection.

ASOS is an online fashion retailer that was founded in the UK, and it’s known for its affordable, trendy clothing for every occasion. However, they also have a great activewear line.

You can find cute, affordable leggings and other activewear at ASOS, and much of it is affordably priced at $30 or less.



Another one of the best brands like NVGTN is Yeoreo on Amazon. If you’re looking for similar styles to NVGTN at half the cost, you’ll find them here.

This brand offers a wide selection of leggings that look just like NVGTN’s popular seamless workout leggings, along with similar styles of workout shorts.



Athleta is a women’s activewear brand that is owned by the Gap. Unlike the Gap, Athleta prices are definitely on the higher end, with many pieces over $100.

However, their leggings and other apparel are great quality and last a long time. They also have frequent online sales where you can score some good deals.



Zella is an activewear brand that is exclusive to Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. In addition to high-performance activewear like leggings and tops perfect for the gym, they also have a great selection of comfortable loungewear.

If you’re looking to get the best deal on Zella leggings or other apparel, check Nordstrom Rack, which is the department store’s discount retailer. They often carry Nordstrom lines like Zella at highly reduced prices.



Lululemon is an activewear brand that was founded in Canada and has become extremely popular due to its stylish, durable workout clothing. 

Lululemon is definitely one of the most popular activewear brands, but also one of the priciest. While they do have tons of leggings styles to choose from, most of them clock in at over $100.

Lululemon is also known for its high-performance running shorts and tennis skirts, which are versatile and can be worn even when you’re off the court.


Sweaty Betty

A great brand like NVGTN is Sweaty Betty. This women’s activewear brand is known for its beautiful technical gear like leggings, sports bras, and other apparel.

Their workout leggings are extremely popular because they are stretchy, squat-proof, and come with body-sculpting accents. They also have side pockets for you to stash your phone or other items during your workout. 

Although these leggings are around $100, many customers swear by the quality and durability of them.


FP Movement

Free People is a women’s clothing brand that is known for its playful, feminine clothing with a carefree and bohemian flair. 

Their activewear brand, FP Movement, translates the same aesthetic to fitness apparel like leggings, matching sets, workout tops, and other clothing. If you’re looking for cute, stylish workout clothing that is still great quality, this is a good place to shop.


Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is one of the best sustainable activewear brands out there. This women’s activewear company uses recycled materials for their apparel. They’re also known for offering inclusive sizing for all body types.

Their soft, sustainable, squat-proof leggings are priced at around $80 to $90, but they are excellent quality and last for a long time.


AliExpress (3-4 weeks shipping)

If you’re specifically looking for leggings on AliExpress that rival NVGTN, you can find a big selection of them here. AliExpress is a Chinese online retailer that has grown in popularity in the U.S. because of its extremely cheap prices on wholesale products and replicas of popular brands.

The NVGTN legging look-alikes you’ll find on AliExpress look almost identical but come at a significantly lower price (between $15 and $20 as opposed to $50 or more.)

There is no doubt that NVGTN is one of the best activewear brands for leggings. However, we hope that this list has given you some more options.


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