8 Tips to Build Bigger, Stronger Glutes

8 Tips for Bigger, Stronger Glutes

With warmer days ahead, it's time to amp up your glute game for that confident look and overall fitness. Strong glutes not only enhance your appearance but also contribute to stability and injury prevention in your lower body and back. Let's get right to the point with these glute-building tips.

1. Mind-Muscle Connection: Feel the burn by focusing on the muscles you're working. Don't just go through the motions; concentrate on activating those glutes.

2. Vary Feet Placement: Mix it up with angled toes, wide and narrow stances, and one-legged reps for squats and deadlifts – a fun twist for better results.

3. Pre-Exhaust: Kickstart your workout with a quick set of high-rep, low-weight glute exercises, like 20 cable kickbacks per leg.

4. Vary Reps and Weight: Keep your glutes guessing by changing up weights and reps. It keeps things interesting and boosts effectiveness.

5. Heel Focus: Push through your heels during exercises like squats and lunges to activate those glutes and hamstrings more effectively.

6. Cardio with Glutes: Opt for incline walking lunges or try machines like StepMill and Jacobs Ladder – a quick, efficient burn for your glutes.

7. Toe Alignment: Protect your form and prevent injuries by keeping your knees in line with your toes. Lower the weight if needed.

8. Plyometrics Fun: Add plyometric exercises to tighten and tone your glutes. They're quick, convenient, and can be done almost anywhere.

Try This Booty 10-Step Glute Workout:

*Prep your glutes with 20 cable kickbacks on each leg.

Leg press (shoulder-width stance, feet high on the sled) 4 10
Prone hamstring curl (each leg) 4 10
Pistol squat (each leg) 3 10
Straight-leg deadlift (wide-leg stance) 3 10
Sumo squat with dumbbell (wide stance) 3 10
Plyo box jump 3 10
One-leg deadlift with dumbbell 3 10
Curtsy lunge (each leg) 3 10
Vertical leg press 3 10
Glute bridge on stability ball 3 10
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