If you're tired of paying full price for your leggings, join the club! Our monthly subscription service saves you both time and money. Sign up today. Pick ANY pair of leggings from our store, (including new releases). Receive a new pair every month right to your door! 

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How It Works:

Pick any pair of your favorite leggings monthly for only $19.95! Plus free shipping, To get started,

1. Choose your size.
Select "Monthly Subscription". 

2. Choose a payment option.
Click “Add To Cart”.

3. Checkout, signed up, completed.
Every month, enjoy a different pair of leggings! 

(YOU Pick) Choose style, color & size: Just “Add To Notes” so you get exactly what you want in your monthly package!


IS this a monthly subscription service only? YES.

This is a monthly plan for $19.95! (No hidden fees) & you may cancel at any time.

This monthly subscription: Includes one pair of leggings per month.

Do I get to choose my leggings each month? YES.

You can choose any pair of leggings form our store. Includes style, size, & price.

1. Pick Your Style. 2. Choose your leggings size. 3. we'll do the rest!

Do you offer free shipping? YES.

Shipping is always FREE in the United States.

We'll ship all subscription packages last week of the month. You will receive an email with tracking information once your leggings are shipped.

When am I billed?

You will be billed on your sign up date of each month. For example, if you sign up for subscription on the 15th of the month in April, you will not be billed again until the 15th of June. Unfortunately we can not offer personalized billing dates at this time.

You may cancel at any time. Our month-to-month with NO commitment guaranteed!

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