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Nellie Lynn aka nellielynnfit Ms Booty Gains

She constantly preaches self-love and the importance of uplifting other women. She’s an inspirational figure in fitness!

She's a believer of earning it. Started her fitness journey as an athlete, then to college cheerleading after graduating from the University of Oklahoma. After that she turned Instagram fitness influencer by posting photos about both group fitness classes as well as individual training. Her high Intensity programs are designed to help you lean up fast, while retaining muscle mass.

Nellie Newman aka nellielynnfit is a fitness model, Instagram influencer and tiktok content creator. She known for her big booty and Peached By Nellie.

Nellielynnfit on Instagram
Nellielynnfit ass on Instagram

 Creator Of The "ADVANCED BOOTY CAKES" Challenge.

Nellielynnfit ass

Creator Of The "SUMMER BOOTY (BIKINI READY) Challenge. 

Nellielynnfit on Instagram

She consider herself a bubbly person, as well as creative. And believes in working hard to earn your results!

To find out more about her, Be sure to check out Nellie Newman on her social media platforms and online.

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