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Fitness Apparel Brands Looking for Influencers in 2022

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Instagram fitness brands go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Given that Instagram is such a visual social media platform, it makes perfect sense why it is the ideal place for fitness apparel brands to advertise their clothing lines. Of course, fitness brands also love Instagram because there are thousands of fitness enthusiasts out there willing to represent these Instagram fitness clothing brands as brand ambassadors.

Through Instagram, people big into fitness and bodybuilding can have a side income (or even full-time income) by simply promoting the fitness brand they are affiliated with and modeling the clothing lines.

Needless to say, this is a pretty sweet gig. However, finding fitness brands that are actually willing to work with you when you don’t have millions and millions of followers can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many companies that are actively seeking brand ambassadors, even if they don’t have the largest following in the world.

Here a list of fitness brands on Instagram that you can directly apply to, or follow their instructions to become a brand ambassador! Before you get started on the application process, make sure your social media is public, not private. 


Looking to get sponsored by Gymshark women? Gymshark is an UK company that is most certainly passionate about what it stands for. According to the company “Be a visionary”  is to be all that you imagined you could be and make progress to become the better version of yourself.

Gymshark athletes and fitness personalities that have become ambassadors for the brand, “because they believe in the Gymshark vision.

Part of the company’s vision is to exist to create the tools that help people unlock their full potential and put their ideas into action inside and outside the gym.

Gymshark does not give too much information on the specifics of how their ambassador program is structured but here's what we could find for influencers.

About the Gymshark ambassador program

  • Gymshark Ambassador will get pay grade, depending on their popularity
  • 15% Gymshark Ambassador code on any items you purchase
  • Influencers user-friendly dashboard to track sales generated
  • Be featured on official gymshark social media (great for getting exposure)

How to apply to the ambassador program

How do I become a Gymshark athlete? You can get started on the application process by submitting your email at In addition, you can stay updated on how to become a gymshark athlete on their Facebook page to increase your chances of being selected.

To apply to the gymshark ambassador program click here to fill out the application! 

Four athletics

Four athletics is an company mission is to re-humanize the retail and has set out to create athletic apparel at a reasonable price.

After observing how overpriced premium fitness apparel had become, this brand set out to take a different approach in selling premium fitness apparel. In order to cut costs, this company decided to use crowdfunding to match the demand of its customers. The company essentially only makes the clothing that is wanted which eliminates waste and results in a lower price for the consumer.

The Four Athletics ambassador program is about finding good people who align with their values and want to be a part of Four Athletics and what they are trying to do in the fitness industry.

About the Four Athletics ambassador program

  • Unique discount code to share with followers to earn percent commission on all orders you refer
  • Deep discounts on all products (as well as discounts for family and friends when applicable)
  • Chance to become a sponsored athlete (beyond being just an ambassador)
  • Exclusive invitations to contests and special events

How to apply to the Four Athletics ambassador program

To apply to the Four Athletics ambassador program click here to fill out the application! If you would prefer to send an email, please do so at


Alphalete was Founded in 2015 by fitness brand influencer Christian Guzman, and was created to pushed innovate and grow. Their company mission statement is Learn More, Dream More, Be More. Focusing on always bringing value to the fitness community, to lift someone’s spirits and to always listen to feedback in our pursuit to become the best that we can be.

In short, Alphalete athletes is a group of people with a relentless focus on making small, incremental gains each and every day.

Furthermore, the company focuses on creating premium fitness and lifestyle wear designed to help you become the best version of yourself.

About the Alphalete Influencer program

  • Alphalete's Influencers will get pay grade, depending on their popularity
  • 15% Alphalete influencers code on any items you purchase
  • Chance to be Alphalete sponsored athletes beyond being an affiliate
  • Be featured on official alphalete social media great for getting exposure

How to apply to the Influencer program

To become part of the team. You can get started on the application process by submitting on this page here. From there you can register to become a Alphalete brand ambassador or Alphalete Influencer if you are approved by Alphalete Athletics.


NVGTN does have an ambassador program. Using their affiliate or referral program, you can earn commissions by referring new customers via the Navigation website. We did some researched and here's what we found about how to become a NVGTN ambassador.

The company claims Navigation was created ultimately to inspire and encourage you to discover your potential to better not only yourself, but others around you.

As you can tell from the companies Instagram page, Ashleigh Jordan and NVGTN is big on promoting its content in creative ways. Unique content creation is what sets this company apart from most.

About the NVGTN ambassador program

NVGTN does not give too much information on the specifics of how their ambassador program is structured. However, it can be inferred that like most other ambassador programs, sponsored athletes earn a commission based on the products they sell and will likely get other perks as well.

How to apply to the ambassador program

Everyone is always asking how to get sponsored to become an NVGTN model. You can get started on the application process by submitting your email at In addition, you can stay updated on Navigation model search on their Facebook page to increase your chances of being selected.


Created in California, this company takes pride in offering affordable activewear for women and staying up to date with popular fashion trends for Fitness clothing.

This company is unique in that their workout clothes are cute, and the prices are really cheap and high quality that you would expect from other overpriced Instagram brands. Gymdeity claims to "understand the struggle is real, so they offer affordable apparel and accessories." Furthermore, when you buy from Gymdeity a socially conscious company that gives back to the community, you give it too!

About Gymdeity's Influencer program

  • 15% commission on orders refer through a unique discount code which will give people 10% off their order
  • 15% off the entire collection as an fitness brand Influencer
  • User-friendly Influencer dashboard to track sales generated
  • Get $100 store credit every time you’re commission goal is reach
  • Opportunity to be featured on their 300k social media Instagram page.
  • Chance to become a sponsored Gymdeity Model (beyond being just an affiliate)

How to apply to the Influencer program

To apply for the GymDeity brand Influencer program click here!