Say Hello To Babeth Lando - The Fitness Instructor

Babeth Lando

Yababeth is a personal trainer turned entrepreneur and fitness guru who offers 1-on-1 coaching, custom meal plans, and workout programs for all body types to her members.

On her Instagram account (@yababeth), she constantly shows her clients before and after pictures of her workout programs, as well as the importance of uplifting other women. She's a major inspiration in the fitness industry, and it's no wonder why Babeth has nearly a million followers – her workout videos constantly inspire women to get off the couch and move it.


BABETH LANDO (@yababeth) - Instagram

 Creator Of The "#1 Personal Training App" On Google Play.

BABETH LANDO (@yababeth) - Instagram

Creator Of The Famous "YaPerfect Peach 6wk Booty" Program.

yababeth gymdeity model

She is AMAZING! Not sure what will motivate you, if she doesn't.

To find out more about her, Be sure to check out babeth lando on her social media platforms and online.

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