Meet Yaslen Clemente (yaslenxoxo) Ms Booty Gains

Yaslen Clemente - Ms Booty Gains

Yaslen Clemente (yaslenxoxo) - Ms Booty Gains

Who Is Yaslen Clemente?

Yaslen Clemente (yaslenxoxo) is not just a model but also a 2x WBFF Bikini World Champion, a social media influencer, and a TikTok content creator.

She gained immense popularity through her fitness journey and is now known for her inspirational stretching videos.

Yaslen Clemente

About Yaslen Clemente

Yaslen is more than just a big booty Instagram model. She is a fitness model, social media influencer, and a 2x WBFF Bikini World Champion. Born on May 29th, 1997, in beautiful Miami, Florida, this American beauty has been a prominent figure on Instagram for years, captivating her followers with sizzling photos. Her hard work has earned her a massive and well-deserved following.

Her Mission

Yaslen is dedicated to promoting a positive fitness lifestyle, with a particular emphasis on booty gains and fashion tips. Her mission is to help women of all backgrounds achieve their body goals. She collaborates with renowned brands like Bang Energy and other popular Instagram labels.

Known as yaslenxoxo, she's a passionate fitness enthusiast who shares motivational booty gain pictures and bikini videos on Instagram .

She also operates her own website,, where she offers workout plans for approximately $80.00. Her website also features her exclusive line of fitness apparel and bikinis.

Yaslen Clemente

Booty Building

Yaslen's primary focus is on glute building, helping individuals achieve a more prominent and well-defined booty. She has gained recognition for her informative and engaging booty-building videos on TikTok and YouTube.

Quick Facts

Name: Yaslen Clemente
Age: 23
Nationality: American
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Weight: 143 lbs / 65 kg
Net Worth: @ 2-4 million
Instagram: @yaslenxoxo; 3.3 million followers
Yaslen Clemente

Connect with Yaslen Clemente

Yaslen Clemente, the social media influencer and TikTok content creator, is on a mission to help women embrace body positivity. She maintains an active YouTube channel where she shares vlogs from her vacations and inspiring workout videos.

Connect with her on social media:

Yaslen Clemente

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