How to Take a Butt Selfie

How to Take a Perfect Butt Selfie!

How to Take a Perfect Butt Selfie! 

It's all about the angle, which makes your ass look enormous in the best kind of way. Just hold your phone and place it below your booty while standing.

We know to some it might seem silly to take booty pics, but we genuinely believe that there is power in self-appreciation. The only issue we have with belfies (besides the weird name) is that they can be hard to take, but don't worry, we've got you covered.

Best tips for a bubble butt selfie.

Take a Sexy Butt Selfie: Find the beauty in your own booty, right now. There are many style for butt selfies, but here are some of the most popular ways.

Whether you're an Instagram influencer or want to keep track of your progress in the gym, belfie skills are key! Belfies, otherwise known as “butt selfies. Find out how to take big butt selfie to show off you hard earned booty gains. 

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Forget the traditional selfie, 2022 is seeing the rising popularity of the BELFIE, more then ever or if you’re not familiar with the term, bum selfie. The popularity of photographing our posterior stems from the selfie queen herself, Kim Kardashian West, and if we had her booty we would be photographing ours every five minutes too. The Belfie is loved by celebs, gym bunnies and travel bloggers with Belfie’s everywhere from the gym to the beach.

How to Take a Butt Selfie

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For the most part, Belfie’s are about understanding your angles than they are about having a naturally gravity defying behind. So how exactly do you take the perfect bum selfie? Here at GymDeity we have gathered our top tips for perfecting the best butt selfies.



Pumping your glutes before you take a Belfie is a great quick fix when getting ready for your sexy snap. Doing around 3-4 sets of squats, lunges and hip thrusts will get your glutes going, which will help to make your booty to look fuller and rounder ready for your big booty close up.


How to Take a Butt Selfie

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Getting your outfit right for a Belfie can impact your results drastically. Choosing a well-fitting and uplifting bottom half to your Belfie outfit is a great way to boost your booty shot. GymDeity have a great range of butt lifting shorts and shape enhancing scrunch butt leggings that work wonders, so you don’t have to.


How to Take a Butt Selfie
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Arching makes a massive difference to any belfie and another angle secret that can make your butt look fuller. No matter what position or pose you choose, be sure to arch your back to enhance your booty.

If you want to take it to next level, you can use fupa shapewear or suck in your stomach at the same time to really get some height into your frame which in turn lifts your butt.


How to Take a Butt Selfie

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Just by scrolling through your IG explore page, you will see this pose is probably the most popular when it comes to Belfies. Yes, any Belfie pro will tell you that twisting your body to expose your booty is the best way to get the perfect pose.

Whilst twisting will pump up your posterior, by putting your shoulders and hips on a different axis you get the illusion of an itty-bitty waistline to really give you the ultimate Belfie.

How to Take a Butt Selfie
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A good filter can make a break your belfie pics and can really help to enhance your shape. Shadowing is your best friend when it comes to boosting your Belfie, ensure that you don’t just concentrate on your booty, making sure the rest of the picture is in equal proportion and shading is important to get that seamless snap.


The trick is to sit with your body angled slightly away from the camera, creating a beautiful curve to your backside—even if that curve is practically non-existent when you're standing. (No shame—remember, flat butts can be just as beautiful as juicy ones.

Now you have everything you need to know on how to take the perfect butt selfie, it’s time to put our top tips into action, if it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for us right!?

We love seeing so many people with different body types celebrating their booties, and we want you to celebrate yours too.

If you do purchase some of our butt lift leggings make sure you tag us @gymdeity in your Belfie’s on Instagram so we can post your perfect pose.

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